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Wedding Bells, Schmedding Bells

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Wedding Bells, Schmedding Bells

Dom, in an interview, says he thought the entire thing was funny, and that he explained to Aaron that there was no way he was going to be able to protect him from Beth's wrath. Or, "wrath."

Later, Aaron, who finally seems slightly irritated (like, less irritated than I get when I receive a parking ticket, but more irritated than I get when my office runs out of Hazelnut non-dairy creamer, and I have to use French Vanilla), tells the gang that it's nice how much enjoyment they get out of making fun of others. Oh, whatever, Aaron. I'd come up with some snide comment about how hypocritical that statement is, except for the fact that I think Aaron is just annoyed because he's taken the joke in such good stride, and now no one will let it go, which, coming from a group of sarcastic, and joke-minded friends, I can understand. It's time for everyone to laugh, hug, and forget it. Besides, it's more fun for me to make fun of Beth than it is to make fun of Aaron. It's also much, much easier.

Beth, upstairs, tells Jon that Aaron can't handle being the butt of a joke because it's never happened to him before. Ahem. Aaron appears to be laughing this off. How ought he to handle it, Beth? By grabbing you and kissing you and making sweet, sweet love to you?

Downstairs, Aaron tells the masses that it's now officially his personal mission to make them all pay by digging up shit in their pasts and revealing it to all and sundry in a humiliating manner. Well, that's basically what he says, but he uses less syllables.

Finally, Aaron gets a little mad. Mostly, I think, because he's embarrassed and wants everyone to drop this entire thing. But, naturally, Beth doesn't know when to let the joke die. Of course, all Aaron basically does is insist that he didn't know how to tell them about it, and he's embarrassed, and he wants to stop talking about it. Yeah, what a stunning display of rage. Not.

In an interview, Aaron says that the joke "burned him good." But that he can take it "like a man. Pretty much." Ha! Sorry, Aaron amuses me. Also, he hates Beth and I hate Beth and the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Aaron takes down all the copies.

That night, in bed, Aaron pecks Dom goodnight (not really), and playfully ribs him about not sticking up for him about the photo. They both laugh as Aaron turns out the light. Yes, that was a shocking display of righteous anger! Shocking, shocking, shocking!

God, this episode just WILL NOT END. Irene still has to get married. But sit tight because we get to watch the preparations! They're fascinating if you live to watch people blow-dry their hair.

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