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Wedding Bells, Schmedding Bells

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Wedding Bells, Schmedding Bells

Beth says the picture stands for everything Aaron "claims he's against."

Enter Aaron. He notices all the pictures, smiles, puts his hand over his mouth, and shakes his head and laughs. "You guys suck," he laughs. Beth laughs. Jon laughs. Aaron wanders around the house, looking at the many replications of his smiling face. He grins. "That is such a burn!" he says, good-naturedly.

In an interview, Beth crows that she "burned him. [She] burned him bad." Guess what, Beth? If the burnee gives you credit for burning him, the burn is not really as burnilious as you had, perhaps, intended.

Beth claps her hands like a seal.

Aaron repeats that this is a huge, huge burn. Noted, Aaron. He's smiling. He seems slightly embarrassed, but he's taking it with good grace. Where is the screaming? The throwing of chairs? The tearing of hair?

In an interview, Dom says that Aaron "shit a brick," but that he set himself up for the burn. Um, I totally do not see Aaron shitting anything, dude. Nice try, B/M, but I'm not buying this whole "Aaron freaks out" shtick. I'd also like to point out that Aaron hails from a frat that, during my junior year, got nailed for slipping roofies into girls' drinks during a Greek trip to Mexico. As far as dirty tricks go, this one is a walk in the freaking park, yo.

Aaron says he wanted to tell his roommates about his modeling career, but he wasn't sure how to work it into conversation without sounding like a total Steve Stunning. He laughs, takes the calendar from Beth, and tells the crowd that while he "sold [his] soul to the devil, it was for a good cause."

Tami says she didn't expect Aaron to get as angry as he did. Which, from what I've seen, is not at all.

Downstairs, Aaron perches on the kitchen table, looking at all the paper Beth wasted for her teeny, tiny, teensy little burn. Upstairs on the landing, the rest of the roommates and what looks like the entire crew -- seriously, like five guys with a boom mike, and a camera, and some lighting -- look down on him as he shakes his head pseudo-solemnly. "You guys just raped me," he cracks. Wow, if that burned anyone, I'd have to say it was Beth "David Is A Rapist" S.

Dom asks Aaron if he was drunk when he took the picture. Aaron leans back on the table and calls Dom an asshole. In a very unmad way. Dom claims that he just now found out about Project Burn Aaron, which appears to be true, considering the fact that he was not on the Kinko's run.

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