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Wedding Bells, Schmedding Bells

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Wedding Bells, Schmedding Bells

Interview-pallooza! In his, Aaron leans back in his chair and says that Irene is like "the mom" in the house. "But she'd definitely be a hot mom to have," he grins. Ew.

Whatever. Jon says that everyone in the house has wondered who "the boss" is in Irene and Tim's relationship. Dude, everyone knows that Tony Danza is the boss! Actually, Aaron says, Irene is tough, but "Tim puts her in her place. Which is good." Yeah, can't have them uppity womenfolk thinking that they can run things, can we? Get 'em pregnant and barefoot and leave them in the kitchen where they belong, that's my motto.

Over a scene of Irene kicking Tim's ass in a self-defense class, Tami laughs that Irene is definitely in charge in her relationship with Tim. "Who's the man?" the song on the soundtrack asks, thankfully illuminating what was, prior to this, a very confusing story arc. Irene and Tim, in a joint interview, claim that they both wear the pants. Tim tells Irene that's "a good answer." She smiles tightly and thanks him. I suspect this means that they both know she's in charge, but she's agreed to help him save face in front of any of his sexist friends who may or may not be watching, and that he's going to pay for this little lie for the rest of their married life.

God, Irene is so, so so so boring, I'm just going to summarize this little section and spare you all the boring and back and forth. Trust me, it's boring.

Irene tells the story of how she met her betrothed: she and Tim met at the police academy (what Dom refers to as "police school"). She was his training officer. They hooked up one day when she was sick, and he brought dinner to her house and took care of her. She didn't sign a pre-nup because, she tells the roommates, she makes more money than he does. Aaron is shocked. Look what happened ever since we gave women the vote. ANARCHY!

Sweet Jesus, they're all still talking about the Irene/Tim hookup story. I read an article about The West Wing in this month's issue of George magazine. Rob Lowe just never ages, does he?

The roommates, sans Irene, go to the Santa Monica mall to shop for Irene and Tim's wedding present. It takes Tami twenty-five minutes to remember Irene's last name, but she finally does, which is more than I can say for the rest of the cast. Tami is impressed with the fact that the Macy's computerized gift registry will print out a list of all the items the happy couple covets. Um, is this the first wedding you've ever been to, Tami?

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