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Wanted: Dead or Alive

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Wanted: Dead or Alive

It's the day after the big Karamo/MJ blowout. Sarah and MJ walk home from the store, and MJ complains about the events of the previous night. MJ interviews that any one of them could have been accused of having a gun. Yeah, but “any one of them” wasn't. I don't think it's a coincidence that the black guy was targeted, and it really bothers me that MJ won't even consider that race might be a factor in the situation. MJ says that the cops wouldn't even let him talk to Karamo, and Sarah says that MJ had no right to be pissed. MJ interviews that he's never been in Karamo's situation, so all he can do is try to help, but Karamo won't let him. Yeah, if by "help," you mean "blame the victim." Shut up, MJ. And shut up MJ's wonky eye. MJ concludes that they all need to talk about it.

Back at the house, Karamo explains the situation to his friend Ray on the phone. Karamo interviews that things like this happen to him and his friends constantly, but that he didn't think it would happen in Philadelphia. Karamo tells Ray how MJ thought Karamo overreacted. Ray can only say, "What? Whaaaaaaat?" Karamo adds that his roommates are trying to explain it away by saying it could have happened to anyone. Ray points out that it didn't, and that it happened to the tall black guy. Ray says that karma will get them in the end. For a minute, I thought he said that Karamo would get them in the end. Hee!

MJ and Landon walk down the street and a car goes by. Someone in the car yells, "You suck!" and throws something out the window. Landon jokes that Philadelphia loves them. I've never understood that. I didn't understand it in Seattle, and I didn't understand it in Chicago, and I don't understand it now. I can get hating the show, or hating MTV, or whatever. But what good does it do to take it out on the roommates with physical violence and yelling? What does that prove? It's just foolishness. I'm not saying that people have to embrace the production, but just ignore it, or protest it through the proper channels. And by proper channels, I don't mean throwing CDs from a moving car. If only because, now you're on tape committing assault, dumb-ass. MJ tries to console Landon, but he can barely get a sentence out before someone else yells that they suck. And then we wonder why the roommates seem to hang out at their house all the time and rarely go out and see the sights. Landon and MJ go into a bar. Landon goes up to the bar to get some drinks. MJ interviews that some guy walked over and tossed a stool at him. Hee! "Stool." We don't see the incident on tape. MJ explains that Security got the guy, and that maybe people in Philadelphia are jealous. Oh, MJ. You had me and then you lost me. They're not jealous. They're just idiots.

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