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Outside. Svet calls her thick-accented mother and tells her about the burn book and how mean Tyler is. Then we see Tyler standing hidden in the open doorway, arms crossed, hip jutted out, listening. Momski calls Tyler and Janelle "two losers" and "morons" and "low-lifes" that Svet should feel sorry for, not cry over. Tyler puts himself perfectly-framed in the shot, scowling. He camera-talks that Momski knows nothing about them and where does she get off calling them names? Uh, what? Really?! Really. Wow. Tyler makes his grand entrance now, starting (of course) with "Um..." and asking if Momski would like to talk to "one of the low-lives." Svet dismisses him, and he gets mad and yells that Momski should talk shit to their faces. Svet yells and Tyler actually yells something about having a lot going on in his life, so his extra time to make fun of Momski's daughter is not at the expensive of his having a life. Or something. Yelling. Yelling. "Go write about it," says Svet, walking away. Tyler tries to get the last word, but fails. Now Svet is crying to her mom and talking in fast Russian.

Meanwhile, Tyler says, "It's time for war, bitch," and writes a mean note in Sharpie. Svet cries that she's not smart (or evil) enough to battle Tyler. Aw, it's true and self-aware in a kind of charming way. Tyler puts his note up on the outside door. Yikes. It reads, "You should have stayed in Philly you low-life Bitch! Love, Low-Life Tyler." Harsh. And poorly-crafted. Commercials.

Backyard. Swamp-pool. Zach asks the crying Svet what's wrong. She tells him about Tyler yelling at her mother: "Who does he think he is?" Svet camera-boobs that Tyler has been such an asshole that any chance for them to be friends now is gone forever. SOB! Zach strokes Svet's hair and tells her that Tyler doesn't hate her, but just gets pleasure out of making her feel like shit. Oh, well then that's much less loaded and creepy. Svet talks more about the book, saying that Tyler wrote "ten pages" about her. Not to kick Svet when she's down or anything, but in this episode her count of the number of burn book pages about her has gone from five to eight and now to ten. Soon it's going to be "He wrote a book the length of Stephen King's It about me!"

And now here comes Janelle, and for a second you might think she'd seen the crying nineteen-year-old and was coming to comfort her, but you would be wrong. Instead, she puts on a high voice and rubs her hair and says, "I just want to know...when you were on the phone, did you say anything negative about me?" glaring with her scary eyes and brows overly-manicured by Jose's personal stylist. This is where Svet should tell Janelle to go fuck herself, but instead she tries to explain, and Janelle said that she heard "something" about her being a low-life. Svet says that Momski said that, and that she was just being a mother. I personally don't really see the confusion here. Janelle and Tyler wrote a shitty book about Svet. Svet told her mother about it. Her mother called them low-lifes for being mean to her daughter. I would say, "Sorry, Momski, we were jerks. We'll go buy your daughter some cabbage soup." Instead, Janelle gets her diva hand working as she says that it wasn't just Tyler and Janelle, and that the reason they wrote the book is that Svet embellishes. She goes on to say basically that Svet has to accept some of the responsibility for this book. Heh. Janelle -- trying, I suppose, to be sympathetic -- then says that not everyone always wants to hear Svet talk or tell her stories. Svet now camera-talks that she's tried to change, but that she supposes it's not enough, so, "sorry." Svet walks off, saying she has to pee, and leaves Janelle with a dismissive "Thanks for that, Janelle."

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