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Pseudo Fantasy Fest. Monster. Chicken. Keg. Scary costumes. Ahh! Oh no, it's just Paula and Keith. Paula then puts on her baby voice and asks Tyler and Janelle if it's okay that she take Keith back to the house just to see it. They lie that it's okay with them. Tyler camera-talks, beads that I don't what to know how he earned around his neck, that Paula is an "innocent little thing" that he wants to protect, so it's hard to see her with someone who abused her. Paula then tells Tyler that Keith wants to chat with him. Tyler does his super-bitchy straw-sip thing, and says to Janelle, "This is going to be awkward." Keith approaches. "Yeah, I love awkward. Whatever," Tyler Noel Cowards.

Keith and Tyler step aside. Hit him! Keith says that Tyler may have a problem with what he did and that he himself has a problem with what he did. Uh...okay? Tyler says all he knows is that Paula has made a lot of progress, and that it may then not be good for her to talk to Keith. Keith then informs Tyler that the Paula who gets drunk and does crazy shit is the one he met first. Whoa, so he fell in love with Paula Walnuts?! Wow. Okay, in his defense, I might have slapped the shit out of her too, then. Keith says that people think he caused her to act crazy, but in fact that's the Paula he inherited. He takes responsibility for his actions, though. Tyler says that as long as Keith is going to help Paula on her upward journey, it's okay with him. Tyler thanks Keith for the talk and then gives his most awkwardly manly handshake and hug. Keith keeps his pelvis halfway across town.

As she and Keith return to the group, Paula camera-scabs that it's comforting to have Keith accepted and that it takes worry off her tiny, bony, malnourished shoulders. They kiss.

House. A horrible whiny song about making things right plays as Paula takes Keith back to the house. They go right to cuddling and whispering in bed. She doesn't want him to go. Horrible abusive Keith then says that he can't wait to do "the home stuff" with her, and she goes all mushy and teary-eyed. Then she tells us that Keith said he can't wait to get married and have babies. Aw man, those are going to be some fucking hungry babies. Paula and Keith went through hell and, Paula says, choking up, they made it. Paula watches sadly as Keith leaves in a cab...back to the bar to find some girls to choke.

Day. Torn-up flags. Fucked-up pool. Office. Svet finds the burn book in Tyler's bag and, off-camera, opens it. She is shocked to find so many stories about her, and brats to Paula that she never lies -- perhaps she "embellishes" a little. Paula nails it, saying that Tyler likes to make fun of others because he himself feels insecure. Svet also nails it, wondering why people don't fucking call him on it, then; instead, they all keep their mouths shut. Paula also says that maybe she shouldn't talk to Janelle because she just goes and runs to Tyler with everything. Svet wants to burn the burn book.

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