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Previously: Tyler made a burn book to vent about Svet. He considered himself an expert in burn books. Tyler acknowledged that if Svet found out about the book, she would be mad. Wilma! The hurricane battered the hotel, forcing the kids to evacuate in the middle of the night. Svet was scared of the standing water. Abusive Keith arrived; Tyler thought their relationship was unhealthy and didn't like his visiting. Zach quoted Metallica, saying they're now "vagabonds." Call them what you will.

Credits. Zach tries fishing for his gefilte. Jose enjoys carrying a large pole. Janelle fugs. Melanoma.

Streetlights. Storm. Trees. Cars. Fucked-up hotel. John overstates that the hurricane "wiped out" Fort Lauderdale, so the kids were forced to evacuate even further north to Orlando. Orlando! Ooh, maybe they can form a boy band and be discovered. Or do a crap Saturday-morning syndicated high-school sitcom. Or make some porn. In a hotel room, Zach camera-fros that they don't know the extent of the damage back in Key West, but that they've heard rumors of widespread flooding. The kids wake up. Zach tells John about Svet's phone call to Martin earlier that morning. Svet called Martin and talked about almost "dying" evacuating the hotel, and that she couldn't believe Martin wasn't more scared for her; Svet yells from the other room, "Stop making fun of me!" Zach continues the story, good-naturedly. Svet whines that she was scared and she did think she was going to die. John laughs. John goes on to camera-frat that Svet does say crazy stuff, including asking if the Everglades is a mall, and claiming that her cat can say, "Hello, Svetlana."

Packing to go. Packing to go. Zach reads a paper. John informs us that power is back on in the Keys, so they're going home.

Driving. Driving. Bridge. FORD! Zach tells us thatit's scary not knowing what they're going to find at home. Driving. Tyler and Janelle laugh and marvel about how fucked up people's front yards are. John tells us that there was a ten-foot wave surge, and some roofs on their street were taken off. They're nervous as they drive up to discover their front fence lying on the ground.

Inside, they find wet spots -- much like Zach's bed after Crystal has visited! But the water didn't come into the first floor, so they're lucky to find no water damage. But outside, they find their pool is black with sludge. John pretends to throw Jose into the muck. Do it!

Paula makes a very weirdly depressive SIDEKICK! phone call to Keith, who has indeed come to visit; they decide where to meet. John camera-talks -- the edges of his head waving due to some bad blue-screen work, or the acid I took earlier -- that this is the next stage in Paula and Keith's relationship, and that they need to spend some alone time and do some work. Sure, if you can call demolition "work," because really, that's all they need to be doing. Paula smiles as she and Keith decide just to be together that night and not invite others.

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