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Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day
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No Most Awesome Thing this week -- it doesn't really fit in with the subject matter of the episode.

It's Valentine's Day! (On The Real World.) In honor of this Hallmark holiday, I present my Top Five Real World Valentine's Moments:

  1. In Hawaii, Colin buys Amaya a stuffed animal.
  2. In Paris, CT lies about sending the flowers to Leah.
  3. In Seattle, Nathan sends Stephanie a giant Betty Boop card.
  4. In New Orleans, Paul pays Danny a surprise visit.
  5. In Boston, Chrys sends Neil a pig's heart with a nail through it.

Anyway, Danny and Nehemiah walk the streets of Austin. Danny interviews that he's excited to take Melinda out to dinner. Danny looks in stores for a shirt and tie. He didn't bring one shirt and tie with him at all? That's kind of weird.

Meanwhile, the female roommates are also out shopping, and everyone asks Melinda what she's going to get Danny for Valentine's Day. As I mentioned last week, the editors this season really fond of the "Tell me more, tell me more, did you get very far?/Tell me more, tell me more, like did he have a car?" style of storytelling. (I'm sorry for getting that song stuck in your head.) Melinda interviews that she doesn't want to buy Danny something that intimates that she wants to have his babies, but she also doesn't want to get something that makes it seem like she doesn't care. This is why you shouldn't start a new relationship until March. You avoid the winter holiday gift-giving season entirely, at least until you've been together almost a year. Rachel tells Melinda that she can hide her gift in her purse "if something goes awry," and I don't really like Rachel, but I admire her use of "awry" in that sentence. Melinda interviews that she's going with a card and a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Oh, yes. The gift that says, "I have no creativity, and I don't like you that much, and I also frequently do my gift shopping in the corner drugstore." Johanna says that you can't go wrong with a card, and since Danny asked Melinda out, he's probably planning on paying. So she can afford to buy a card? I don't really know how the two parts of that sentence were related.

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