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Up And Adam

There's no "previously" segment, which is unsettling. Instead, Frankie and Brad wish Adam and a group of his friends goodbye as they leave the house for the evening. Adam actually says, "Peace out," which I used to say in 1998, as a joke, because it was old even then. Maybe he's being ironic, but I don't think so. Out on the deck, Brad asks Frankie what's up with her and Adam. Frankie says it's "absolutely nothing." Except for a little making out and grinding now and then. Brad interviews that Frankie claims she's just friends with Adam, but that Brad sees "different intentions." Brad tells Frankie that she and Adam are always talking on the phone and then ending up on balconies alone together, to explain why Brad thinks there might be more to the story. Frankie says that she knows how it looks, but that there is nothing going on. Frankie interviews that she thought it would be cool being friends with Adam, but then he became shady. Frankie says that Adam is a "big hipster guy" with "the lingo and the clothes and that hats." Yeah, I hate it when people appropriate a personality with clothing. Like when people wear Hello Kitty shit all the time. Frankie adds, "Dave is so different than everybody else." She wishes he would come visit so that everyone would know what she's about. Because she's about Dave? She's so original that she has based her whole look and personality on what Dave does? She's actually fourteen and just pretending to be a grown-up, right?

Frankie talks to Dave on the phone and says she doesn't want to live her life on pause for three months. I think this conversation happened after he said he wanted to take a break, and she's arguing that they should stay together. Dave says that maybe not seeing each other could be a test of their love. In my mind, if you have to test your love, you really don't trust each other and you might as well call it quits. Frankie says that she knows she loves Dave already, and starts crying to make extra sure that she gets her way. It totally works, and Dave says that he doesn't want to give up too easily, and asks Frankie to check on his plane tickets so that he can come visit. He adds that he hopes they don't run into her boyfriend. Frankie heaves a sigh and says that he's mean, as if she totally didn't deserve that. Frankie interviews that she's happy Dave is coming, but she wants to know if Dave is committed to helping her fix her mistake. Because that's somehow his responsibility.

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