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Truly, Madly, Dramatically

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Truly, Madly, Dramatically

It's raining in Seattle. Alert the media. I get an uneasy feeling in my stomach, thinking they might choose this circumstance to revisit that schlock-fest "Kiss the Rain!" but there aren't any signs that my fears will be realized...yet. Nathan and Irene are sitting at the computer desk. Nathan's hair looks particularly bad today; I think it's just much longer than I'm used to, and it looks matted down, like, ease up on the gel, dude! What are you, David? Nathan says, "Maybe it's because I've been calling you 'Guyrene.'" Irene laughs and says it has nothing to do with her. Meanwhile, we the viewers have no idea what the hell they are talking about. Oh, here comes Nathan to tell us, in an interview. He says that Irene "literally had balls in [his] dream. There's no two ways about it. She had testicles." Irene starts talking about how if she dreamed about a man, the dream is really about the male part of herself, blah blah blah Time-Life Books-cakes. Nathan says that he's not listening, and then he actually does the Pee-wee Herman "la la la la" fingers-in-ears thing. He thinks Irene is "pissed off" that he dreamed she had "a penis and balls." Well, since I think that Irene has a little crush on Nathan, he's probably a little bit right. Then again, I think that Nathan has a little crush on Irene, too, and this dream was either a revelation of his latent homosexuality (see last episode) or his way of making Irene unavailable to himself. Or, it meant nothing. Stephen laughs from somewhere off-camera, and Nathan explains the whole dream to him, adding, "She has elephantiasis, too." Am I the only one, when thinking about elephantiasis of the nuts, who thinks of Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club saying, "His nuts would have to ride sidecar"? ["No!" -- Wing Chun] Yeah, I thought not. Nathan continues to argue with Irene about what his dream meant, saying that it was "bad enough to dream about [her] naked," and that it had nothing to do with him. Irene says it's about Nathan, or his relationship with her. Stephen says something wise, for once, and says that maybe it means Nathan views Irene as a buddy. In an interview, Irene says that Nathan has problems dealing with "a female like [her]" and that he "blames it on [her] being, to some extent, masculine." Now, I like Irene, and I think she is pretty, but she does have her faults. I wouldn't really count masculine among them, though. In an interview, Nathan says that he thinks Irene is beautiful, and that she's such a good friend, but you want to talk to her about "the girl you had sex with the other night." In other words, she's not relationship material. She's one of the guys. Sigh. Sorry, I had a high school flashback there. Irene continues to argue that the dream was about Nathan, and Nathan continues to argue that it was about Irene, and no one really cares anymore, do they? ["No!" -- Wing Chun]

Space Needle Shot #33 of the season. David walks down the streets alone, to the sounds of the Guitar of Mystery. At a pay phone, we hear David telling someone, "When you stole my heart, you stole my sexual desire." I don't even know what that means. In an interview, David says that for the first time, he is giving his heart "to another woman," and he's "not giving it grudgingly". Does that mean that David considers himself a woman? On the phone, David says to his mystery woman, "I have it bad." Then he walks back to the house, and says, "C'est un miracle!" to no one in particular. Nathan says he was waiting for David. Lindsay asks where he was. David says he had to talk to someone. Since no one will come right out and ask the question on everyone's mind, Rebecca takes matters into her own hands (plus, she probably wants some camera time): "Were you talking the whole time?" David was, but he's still not spilling any details. In an interview, Rebecca says that it seems that David has "a woman friend now." Ooh, the intrigue.

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