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Travel Warning

Eiffel Tower Shot Trente-Deux. A messenger buzzes at the gate and Chris answers. He brings the delivery inside, and Simon quickly discovers that it's travel information. Specifically, information on a backpacking trip. Leah reads the information out loud; they are going on an eight-day backpacking trip through Europe, but they get to choose the specific destinations. Everyone cheers and claps. Chris interviews that this trip will bring everyone in the house closer or tear everyone apart. Well, one or the other.

Ace looks at a map and suggests that they go to the French Riviera, and make sure that they are there for his twenty-fourth birthday. Leah says that they should spend two days in Florence because she heard that Florence was one of the most beautiful places in Italy. ["My sister -- whose name is also Leah -- spent three weeks there this summer and said she thought it was only okay." -- Wing Chun] Leah and Ace check out the map. Leah interviews that she's excited to go to the factory outlets for Prada, Gucci, and Fendi. At least she's going to take in the culture. Christina pipes up something about a hotel in Nice, but she pronounces it like the English word, with a long "i." Leah immediately corrects her. Ace repeats that he wants to be on the French Riviera for his birthday. Christina says that they'll go there, and then head to Rome, Florence, and Chris adds, "Switty." Christina calls it "Switz." Is "Switzerland" so hard to say that they have to abbreviate it? Also, do Mallory, Simon, and Adam have any say in this trip?

The roommates head into the office and discover that Brice is back! Yay! They don't seem that excited about it. Brice announces that their next assignment is to cover nightlife. He explains that he and his colleagues knew the roommates' vacation would be in the middle of this assignment, so they made it nightlife since that would be easiest, given that it's the area the roommates are most familiar with. Brice asks who's going to be the point person for nightlife. No one speaks. Christina interviews that she is the point person. Huh? That was a weird cut. Christina adds that it's a struggle to be the point person. Chris interviews that the point person only has to collect the write-ups, format them, and submit them. Or in Chris's case, not submit them. Brice advises the roommates to budget their time. Mallory interviews that she's frustrated that Brice's return (which means that the roommates have to go to the office every day) coincides with a visit from her aunt and cousin.

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