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Previously, the new roommate was Jo. She takes everyone rock climbing with her David Cross-looking, handlebar-mustache-wearing, gay buddy Steve. Judd has no sex life. He's bummed that he can't get a girl to like him.

This is now the true story of eight strangers. Don't forget it.

Montage of Cory and Jo running as Cory tells us that she likes Jo. She says Jo is funky and "has opinions about things." Isn't it great to have opinions? Cory wonders what that's like. Everyone exercises together. Yay! Hi, Mohammed! See you next time! Cory warbles that she'd love to be as adventurous as Jo, and travel Europe, but that she just couldn't possibly think of doing something. Jo says that she could take a year off of school. Cory warbles and whines and blushes. Jo says that there's no pressure. Cory pouts. Rachel smirks. Jo says that she's happy with her life. Cory says that's because Jo lives her life. Cory is jealous and in awe that Jo lives life while Cory envies people for being able to pick out their own clothes.

Jo says it's great there because you can have your own opinions without conflict. She says she's not allowing conflict to be in her life anymore.

Judd's on the phone with a "college friend" named Jessica. He says they've been friends for a long time and that she's his closest friend. He tells us that they've discussed "moving this relationship" into something more than just friends. We watch Jessica give Judd a very Friend-like hug at the door. There's no mutual attraction there. They sit at a table for dinner, and they try to position the waiter so that we can't see there are two more people at the table.

Judd tells Pam that he doesn't want to screw up his relationship with Jessica. Pam says that there's a lot of risk in ruining a good relationship. Judd says he's an idiot. No arguments here.

Judd and Jessica go rollerblading. They rent skates. Judd immediately gets testy. They start bickering over listening, getting sexist, sensitive, and touchy. That's all we hear. They don't tell us anything about the argument, or what they're fighting over. We just hear them call each other those adjectives. Judd tells us that the last time he went ice skating, he was nine and he got a concussion. I guess he hasn't been on wheels or blades since then. He can't rollerblade for shit and he's getting embarrassed, since the world will soon see him not be able to rollerskate for the next seven years. Judd bickers with Jessica, who just skates away from him. Judd's covered in protective gear. He needs it. Judd tells us that he's screwed up "tons" of relationships with women who used to be friends with him. He says that there aren't any guarantees, but that he thinks they're ready to try something more. Judd almost dies at an intersection. Jessica doesn't try to help him. He tells us that he relies on Jessica far too much. Well, I see their first fight already. Judd makes it across the street and Jessica spits, "I'm not with you." And I can also see their second fight.

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