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Time to Change

Previously on Real World: Arissa said that coming to Las Vegas was her ticket out of the projects. She's going to make like George and Weezie and move on up to the East Side. Irulan and Gabe have an open relationship, which Frank and Steven thought was awful. Irulan made out with Alton in bed. Alton said he didn't want to mess with a girl that had a boyfriend. Irulan said she would answer any question Gabe asked, but notice she didn't say that she would answer it truthfully. Irulan told Gabe that there was nothing going on with her and Alton.

Arissa calls her boyfriend, Dario. In an interview, Arissa says she hasn't seen Dario in two months, and now he's coming to visit. Arissa tells Dario that her "hair is gorgeous" because her "Farrah is back," and in fact, Arissa does look much better, and her hair does look like Farrah. In an interview, Arissa says that the first time she met Dario, he was fifteen but told her he was seventeen, and she called him "golden boy" because he had such a presence about him.

Irulan and Alton set up a tent in the living room like Claudia on Party of Five. In an interview, Irulan explains that she set up the tent so that Arissa and Dario could have some privacy, and she didn't want to sleep in the boys' room because "they smell and Frank farts and Trishelle and Steven have sex." So why can't she sleep in Trishelle's bed, if Trishelle is in with Steven? Oh, because then she wouldn't get all of the attention of having a tent in the living room? I see.

Arissa tells Dario that she had to go hunt down her check because she didn't have any money. She hunted it down? They don't just get paid on a regular basis? In an interview, Arissa says that she can't seem to hold onto money because someone always needs her money. Or she could just tell them they can't have it. Unless it's, like, a bill collector. You kind of have to pay them. Arissa adds that Dario needs her to send him $100. On the phone, Arissa agrees to send it. That seems like a lot of money to just give anyone, even if he is your boyfriend. I mean, $20, okay. But $100? I wouldn't even ask my parents to just give me $100. I'm just going to pretend there's some back story to why Dario needs the money and leave it at that. Arissa tells Dario that she's going to go downstairs and gamble. And then she wonders why she can't hold onto her money. I guess the slot machines keep telling her that they need it.

Arissa heads downstairs and puts $20 into an I Dream of Jeannie slot machine. She banters with the slot machine (no, really) while she plays. Irulan appears out of nowhere. Arissa explains that she was up two hundred (and I think it's a quarter slot, so that's actually $50) and she was going to stop, but then she realized that if she hit the jackpot, Dario would be really psyched. Look, I just got back from Vegas myself, and I'm not going to pretend like I didn't lose more money on the slots than I originally intended. But I did set a limit for myself, and I stopped when I lost that amount, because I know that otherwise I would just keep playing and playing. Which is what the casinos count on, and it's how they make their money. Irulan urges Arissa to quit playing, but Arissa says that she needs to win for Dario. Maybe Dario needs to get a J-O-B.

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