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This is the End

Sunrise over Seattle. But no Space Needle. I heard a rumor that I got off-track in the last recap, and screwed up the numbering system, but it has now been fixed. Sorry about that! Anyway, Janet is packing a suitcase and wondering how she ended up with more stuff than she came with. I'm going to guess that she bought some new things? In an interview, Janet says that packing makes her "realize that it's really all over." Suddenly, we cut to Stephen in bed, laughing. Janet asks, "What'd you say?" David is also laughing. Suddenly, Janet has magically appeared in Stephen's bed, and is punching him on the arm. In an interview, Janet says she likes this Stephen better than the old one, and that if they get close to arguing, they stop and laugh at each other. Well, I'm glad that I'm not the only one who's laughing at those two.

Stephen gets dressed and leaves the house. He voice-overs that his anger management sessions have been very positive, even though he didn't think that they would be. The Hip, Squiggly Font (re)introduces Dr. Mauro, who tells Stephen that he's made a lot of progress, and then walks off to cash his check from B/M, who needed that scene for when Stephen goes completely insane so that they could claim that they tried to help him, and that, for all they knew, he was getting better. In a confessional, Stephen says that anger management "is gonna be a lifelong lesson for [him]."

Nathan is on the phone with -- guess who? -- Stephanie. And guess what? She's whining. Stephanie tells Nathan that she has "a bad feeling" about their relationship. In an interview, Nathan says that, for the past few weeks, before they hang up the phone, Stephanie tells him to come home, and that it makes him want to go home very badly. Their relationship is so complex. Not. Back on the phone, Stephanie cries and says she misses Nathan. Man, she could do better.

At the market, David is sad that it's his last day at work. Some big guy tells David that he can't slack just because it's his last day of work. David yells back that he will miss the big guy, and then voice-overs that those guys "are like [his] brothers." Incarcerated? David and some kid dump the contents of a garbage can into a dumpster. The big guy calls David over for a hug, because he's going to miss him. David gives him a hug, and about five other guys sneak up behind David and pick him up, tossing him in the dumpster. Once David is in the dumpster, they all cheer. In an interview, David says that it was crazy. Justin (Janet's date that one time) helps David out. In an interview, David tells us that he knows that those guys would always help him out if he needed it, and that he's going to miss them.

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