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Thin Blue Line

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Thin Blue Line

Previously on The Real World: Brynn realized that she was a negative person and hoped to overcome that trait. Trishelle and Steven had lots and lots of unprotected sex.

The episode opens with a shot of the fountains at the Bellagio, and as someone who witnessed said fountains in person about seventy-two hours ago, let me tell you that they are incredible. And there's something I never thought I would say about a fountain. But I would so much rather watch twenty-two minutes of those fountains, even set to "My Heart Will Go On," than watch these fools week after week. Anyway. Brynn -- wearing a bandanna all kerchief-style with two little pigtails -- calls some dude named Mo and tells him to come over. Brynn is also sporting the "one pant leg up" look that is supposed to be all the rage according to a spread I just saw in some magazine, possibly Us Weekly. It must have been Us Weekly, because I can't imagine there being another magazine that would devote a photo spread to such a ridiculous "trend." We used to call that the peace leg, but I have no idea why. I think it had to do with L.A. gang members somehow. In an interview, Brynn explains that she's been hanging out with Mo and they're trying to figure out if they should pursue a relationship (they're fucking until they get sick of each other). The phone rings and Trishelle says that it's Austin. In an interview, Brynn explains that she met Austin a week before coming to Vegas. On the phone, Austin is all excited because he's coming to Vegas the next day. Brynn informs him that she's changing her sheets. Um, thanks? In an interview, Brynn says that she's nervous and excited for Austin's visit (nervous that he'll mess up her relationship with Mo but excited because she might get laid before that happens). Austin says he likes Brynn to be happy, and she says she'll be happy when he gets there. Brynn starts pulling roses out of a flower arrangement on the counter, and says she needs to get rid of them before Austin gets there. Couldn't she just remove the card? In an interview, Trishelle says that Brynn is playing the field, going out with Mo tonight when Austin arrives the next day. Brynn says that she can't believe she's doing that.

Brynn hangs out with Mo at the bar. Mo says that she's playing games. Brynn says that she's hung out with lots of guys, but that she's never met one with whom she enjoys conversation as much as she does with Mo. Brynn also says, "You know what I mean?" about a thousand times in that one sentence. Brynn says that when Austin calls her, she's not that excited to talk to him, and she's worried that she doesn't like him anymore. You know what I mean? Brynn adds that she's always scared to leave someone she's dating, in case she never finds someone else. You know what I mean? Yes, that is a healthy way to evaluate relationships. This guy hits me? But what if I never find someone else? Brynn needs to Kelly Taylor it, and choose herself, stat.

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