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The Trials of Jobs

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The Trials of Jobs

Tonight on The Real World: the roommates start a new job, which Kyle thinks will "really shake things up." Aneesa is upset that she has to work with Tonya. Theo thinks it's "a wack job." At first, I thought that he meant a wack job, like a crazy person. But I believe he was saying that it's a job that is wack. Theo and Kyle get in a big fight in the van.

Kyle, Chris, and Keri wake up and laugh and have a gay old time because it's their last day of lifeguarding. Well, Chris has a gay old time. I'm sure that Kyle would want you all to know that while he fully supports the homosexual lifestyle, and even has friends who are gay, he is nothing but straight. He loves the ladies. And Keri probably wouldn't care what you thought. In an interview, Kyle explains that they are about to start a new job, and that they will be working with "the park people," meaning Aneesa, Tonya, CJP, and Theo. Chris runs up and does a raspberry on CJP's belly, so I guess she is over her body issues and all is forgiven. Chris is really cute, by the way.

At the beach, Chris, Kyle, and Keri walk around in their bathing suits with whistles around their necks. You know, lifeguarding. I would like to vote for Chris as "Looks Best in a Bathing Suit," largely because he keeps his shirt on. While I'm sure he has a great body, why advertise? Yes, I'm talking to you, Kyle. In an interview, Keri says that lifeguarding was a great job, but that she's looking forward to finding out what they will be doing next. Chris yells at someone, who doesn't appear to be listening. In an interview, Kyle says that Chris had a "big confrontation with someone who was pissing him off and flicking him off." Kyle is jealous that Chris got to have that big confrontation. In an interview, Chris says that he'll miss his job because he had a lot of time to walk around and think. Keri says that she'll miss the people with whom they worked. We see the roommates taking pictures with their co-workers, who we have never, ever seen before and thus don't care about at all. In an interview, Kyle says that he'll miss "walking on the beach and just thinking for an hour, two hours, about what's going on in [his] life." While they were walking and thinking, shouldn't they have been paying attention and looking out for potential drowning victims? Anyway, Kyle doesn't think their new job will afford him that opportunity.

CJP drives the van and tells Theo that they did the best work that they could with the kids and the mural, although they probably could have done a better job. Theo thinks they did well. CJP say that they'll find out tonight, at the closing ceremony. Theo hopes that Nelson and Ronnie come. We see flashback footage of Theo talking to Nelson and trying to convince him to stay in the program. CJP voice-overs that Nelson has been in some trouble with the police, and that she hopes things turn out all right for him. Theo voice-overs that he's concerned about whether his time with Nelson has had any effect. As much as Theo annoys me at times, I do have to give him props for the fact that he seems genuinely concerned about these kids -- Nelson especially. Yes, I'm talking to you, Tonya.

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