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The Trials of Chris

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The Trials of Chris

Christina makes Chris sit in her bed. She runs upstairs and rolls the pool balls around on the pool table so that Chris can hear how loud it is. Chris lies down in her bed and seems to fall asleep. Over in Adam's room, Ace says that he's scared to go to his own bed because Christina might yell at him. Adam is like, "You can sleep with me!" Okay, he didn't say that, but God forbid I miss the opportunity to make an Adam Loves Ace joke. Adam interviews that Ace "is like a six-year-old kid in a twenty-three-year-old man's body." Adam clearly spends a lot of time thinking about Ace's body. Adam adds that Ace never wants to be the bad guy. Ace keeps talking about how he wasn't being loud and it was all Chris's fault and blah blah blah. Meanwhile, Christina continues to demonstrate the pool-room noises. She walks back into her room and I seriously think Chris has fallen asleep. Which is kind of funny.

Christina goes to bed. Ace interviews that he hates when Christina is mad at him, because he wants everyone to love him. After the lights are out, Ace says that his feelings were hurt when Christina wanted to move out, and that he will do whatever he can to make her stay. Christina interviews that she doesn't want to argue with Ace because she can't get mad at him. She thinks she needs to be more laid-back. Christina apologizes for being a drama queen and starting fights. Ace apologizes for calling her a drama queen and asks her again to stay in their room. They says that they love each other. Aw.

Next time: A guy kisses Adam on the cheek in a gay bar, and Adam is worried that it's "a sign or something." Leah and her bitchface are back in full effect.

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