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The Trials of Chris

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The Trials of Chris

The two women enter the house. Leah asks Chris whether the assignment got in on time, and Chris says that it did. Leah is really disappointed that she doesn't get to yell at Chris. Leah interviews that she knew there was no way the assignment got in on time. So why even ask him? God, she bugs me.

Chris is in the hot tub alone. In a confessional, Chris says that he did his best, and now he doesn't know what to tell his roommates. He claims that he tries to give it to his roommates straight. I don't know what universe Chris lives in, but it's obviously one where giving it to them straight means bald-faced lying. That's an interesting universe to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. Kind of like Vegas.

Leah immediately runs in to tattle by calling Brice. She asks whether their work got in on time, and Brice says that it did. A normal person would just hang up then, right? Not Leah. She starts to tell Brice about Chris and Ace's drunken pool-playing. Brice really needs to adopt my "That's not my problem, that's your problem" approach to management. Because Chris and Ace's drunken pool-playing? So not Brice's problem. And Leah's naked desire to get Ace and Chris in trouble? Also not Brice's problem. If the work isn't handed in on time, that's Brice's problem. Everything else is not. Leah tries to start a discussion on the unfairness of the all-or-nothing approach. Chris, in the hot tub, voice-overs that everyone tried to blame everything on him because he's the point person. Isn't that the definition of point person? The one who takes the blame if things go wrong? The one who tries to prevent things from going wrong in the first place through delegation and leadership? Then again, maybe in Chris's Vegas universe, "point person" means "lackey." In a confessional, Chris claims that he tried to tell everyone that they didn't give him enough notice and that he tried. Except he never told that to anyone. Brice tells Leah that there were only five finds in the piece. Leah is psyched to have something to be pissed off about, but disguises it as shock and dismay. Brice tells Leah that they need to discuss these things in their meetings. Leah blames it on Chris. Brice says he doesn't know what she wants to hear, but that he has to stick to the plan. Leah asks whether this means that no one gets the bonus. Dramatic pause. And Brice admits that they won't. Leah gives Christina the bitchface headshake which is a 7 on the bitchface scale of difficulty. Christina, who is definitely not overly dramatic, groans and slides down to the floor.

Leah clomps around the house looking for Chris so that she can yell at him some more. Because the way to encourage him to be more productive and truthful is to put him immediately on the defensive. Christ, I get defensive when Leah starts yelling, and I did nothing wrong. She asks whether he sent everything in, with ten tips and ten finds. He mumbles an answer. Leah starts in on a big condescending lecture, but Chris interrupts her to say about ten times that it's not his fault, because everyone handed things in at the last minute. Leah asks who handed things in last minute. Yeah, who? Chris doesn't answer the question, and instead says that they didn't have enough tips and finds. Chris adds that he didn't get to use the computer until late in the day. Christina asks why he waited until so late to start his assignment. This from the girl who finished about an hour before he did. Chris says he had his assignment handwritten and just needed to type it up. Leah says that he could go to the office, and Chris's explanation is, "I go to the office all of the time!" Okay, I can see why he is so frustrating to deal with. I don't blame him for being defensive, but he also evades the questions.

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