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The Trials of Chris

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The Trials of Chris

It's 5:45 PM and suddenly, all they need is four finds. Like if they're going to make such a big deal about this, they could at least let us know what exactly happened. I mean, obviously, Chris is ultimately responsible for making sure all of the assignments are complete, but I would like to know who handed in an incomplete assignment. Mallory dictates a find to Simon, who writes it down. Adam and Simon count up that they have nine. Chris continues to type his assignment into the computer. Simon hands Chris three more finds at 5:51 PM. Chris interviews that everyone gave him stuff on Post-Its. Okay, I saw some of those tips and finds on the computer screen, and most of them were like one sentence. It would take about two minutes, tops, to type them in, Chris. Also, he is upset that no one is letting him type in his own paper, and that they hogged the computer all day. God, he sounds just like some of my students explaining why their projects are late. And I always tell them, "That's not my problem. That's your problem." At 5:58 PM, Mallory, Adam, and Simon are still conferring about possible tips and finds. Simon interviews that he's done his work, so he wants to get paid, but that the power has been given to the person he hates most.

There are ninety seconds left until the assignment is due. Ace and Adam watch as Chris prepares to send the email. Chris clicks "send" at 5:59 PM. Adam asks to make sure it got sent, and Chris assures him that it did. Ace interviews that it looks like they got it in on time, so he's expecting a bonus. Don't get me started on the bonus. Simon interviews that Chris said it was done, so it should be all good. Chris interviews that he sent in an incomplete assignment. The horror! They won't get their bonus for doing about two hours of work this week! I feel so bad for them. I guess they'll have to apply for the French equivalent of food stamps.

Christina and Leah get off the train and head home. Christina mentions that Ace broke a pool stick over his knee. Christina starts bitching again about the drunken pool-playing. Man, I would want to tell her to cram it. If she's so upset, and wants to move rooms, then just move rooms, but going around telling her sob story to everyone looking for validation is quite annoying. Christina complains again about Ace labeling her the most dramatic person in the house. Actually, I believe he said she was the most dramatic person he's ever met. Which is kind of worse. Leah says that Ace felt really bad that Christina was moving out. Christina responds, "Cry me a river. Cry me a Mississippi River." Yeah, that was one of those things that might have sounded good in your head, but saying it out loud sounds dumb. Also, for someone who hates Chris so much, Christina quickly adopted one of his favorite sayings. Christina thanks Leah for listening, and Leah doesn't respond.

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