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The Trials of Chris

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The Trials of Chris

Christina calls Adam into her room and says that she knows she's being dramatic, but she doesn't think she's being unreasonable. Christina interviews that she's "an extremely passionate person." Adam does Kim's Least Favorite Rhetorical Device of asking himself questions and then answering them. God, I really hate that and I think it's the second time Adam has done it this season. He's on the list. Again. Still. Christina interviews that she doesn't think Ace's comments to her about being dramatic and picking fights have anything to do with Ace and Chris being drunk and loud. Adam thinks that Ace was just saying whatever he could to hurt her. Christina says he did a good job.

It's 4:47 PM. Leah and Christina leave the house. Leah interviews that she's leaving the house because she's handed everything in, and Chris has assured her that they have ten tips, ten finds, and everyone's work is in. Also, she has assured herself that the chances of Chris screwing up are greater if she's not there, and then she gets to come home and yell at him. Not that I'm blaming Leah for Chris's screw-ups, but she does get a little too gleeful at the thought of castigating him once again. Leah and Christina run into Simon on the road and Leah and Simon do the weirdest dance ever while walking towards each other. Christina interviews that their work is done, and that she and Leah are "the two biggest stress cases in the house," so hanging around is counterproductive. Simon asks whether the work has been sent in yet. Leah says it hasn't. Simon asks whether it's done. Leah says it isn't. Simon asks if it's nearly done, and Leah doesn't know. Leah is way too happy to report on the shortcomings of others. She was so the tattletale in elementary school. Also? The teacher totally left her in charge of the room while taking smoke breaks. And she totally told the teacher that Scott P. got up to sharpen his pencil even thought the teacher told everyone to stay in his or her seat. Simon interviews that he's frustrated because his work is done but the bonus is out of his control.

5:23 PM. Simon walks inside and asks Chris how he's doing. Chris says that they are short on tips and finds. Simon interviews that "tips and finds are just extra pieces of information" meant to make the reviews more informative. Adam asks Chris to let them know if they need more, and Chris yells that they do. Adam asks how many, and Chris says that they need five of each. But he kind of sounds like he's pulling that number out of thin air. So we know that Leah and Adam both did two of each. So that means one other person did one of each, and no one else did them? Very confusing. Everyone is shocked. Chris says that they have eight tips and three finds. Okay, so they need two tips and seven finds. Not five of each. Am I crazy? Simon asks how they can only have three finds when he handed in two. Chris yells that he doesn't have them. Adam yells that he also did two. So that's four. And Chris says he only has three. Am I missing something? I don't know. Simon says that he emailed them, and Chris says he doesn't have them. Mallory, Adam, and Simon all look pissed off. Simon interviews that in order to get paid, they need ten of each.

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