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The Trials of Chris

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The Trials of Chris

At 3:24 PM, Chris rises out of bed like Frankenstein. You know how Frankenstein always just suddenly sits straight up? That's how Chris wakes up. He kind of looks like Frankenstein, now that I think about it. Frankenstein with a fright wig. Chris voice-overs that he should be at the office, but he forgot and he's irresponsible. Chris has a little bit of CJP syndrome where he thinks that if he admits his own mistakes and faults, somehow that erases them. Christina interviews that Chris isn't making anything better for the group or for himself with his attitude, and that she gets so frustrated that she can't even talk to him anymore. Chris stumbles downstairs and finds Christina working on the computer. He asks if she'll be on a while, and she says she will. I have to assume that it would take him at least half an hour to get into the office, so while he should have gotten up earlier (or done his assignment earlier), at this point I don't blame him for staying home. Christina squeals that Chris has dug himself so deep that "he could become miracle-boy tomorrow and everyone would still dislike him." Chris picks some things up from the desk and, in the process, knocks something onto the floor. Christina asks whether he's going to pick it up. Chris was completely unaware (or at least claims to be completely unaware) that he dropped something. He asks what it was, and Christina drama queens, "I don't know. You dropped it." Twice. So Chris babies right back, "I'm going to leave it right there where it is." In a confessional, Chris says that it's so easy to get Christina riled up because she overreacts about everything.

Ace apologizes to Leah for being "a little loud." He deflects blame by saying that it didn't really get loud until Chris and Christina started fighting. Because he's Ace and he's a good boy and he never does anything wrong. Ace interviews that his feelings are hurt that Christina wants to move out of his room. Leah tells Ace that Christina's decision has nothing to do with him. Ace interviews that he can be inconsiderate at times. Ace says he doesn't want to be the "first roommate in history to have someone move out on [him]." I seem to remember a lot of room switching in the Hawaii season, but that was mostly because Amaya was trying to hook up with Colin. Leah offers to pick a fight with Simon so that he moves out, just to make Ace feel better. Leah interviews that she's not surprised by Ace's reaction. Leah hops on top of Ace and kisses him all over his face in an attempt to cheer him up. Ace seems kind of uncomfortable, but like he doesn't want to embarrass Leah by shoving her off. Leah keeps kissing Ace, who thanks her for being so sweet.

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