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The Trials of Chris

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The Trials of Chris

Previously on The Real World: Christina wanted to change rooms and Ace accused her of being overly dramatic. An overly dramatic person on a reality show? I don't believe it! Leah couldn't believe Chris was drunk the night before their assignments were due, especially since he was the point person. Simon reminded everyone that this time, it's all or nothing with their assignments, so if one person is late, none of them gets the bonus.

Eiffel Tower Shot Vingt-Sept. It's morning in the house. Chris is still sleeping. Everyone else is up. Leah sits in front of the computer, looking exhausted as Adam rubs her back. He has that effect on everyone, Leah. It's 12:09 PM and their assignments are due at 6:00 PM. Thanks, Helpful Funky Font of Captioning! Adam says that they've finished their work. Leah asks whether he has two tips and two finds, and Adam says that he does. I assume that Leah does too, since she asked, and this will be important later on. Leah asks when "this whole 'all or nothing'" went into effect. Adam says it was last week, and that they might have to roll Chris out of bed at 3:30 PM to make sure he gets everything in. Chris? Still sleeping. Hey, he sleeps in the same position as I do! On his back with his arms up over his head. Adam interviews that he's nervous about Chris getting the assignments in on time.

Simon leaves the house as he voice-overs that their assignment is to review attractions around Paris. In a confessional, Simon says that Brice wants all of their assignments handed in together, and that Chris is the point person. Really? I totally thought that Ace was the point person. Especially after that last scene where they mentioned about ten times that it was Chris. Simon adds that it's "pathetic" and that no one has confidence that Chris will get it done. It's now 1:17 PM. I'm going to refrain from telling you how much time is left until the deadline because, unlike the editors, I will assume you can do the math. Simon hangs out at the office, typing.

Christina tells Adam that she wants to swap rooms with Chris. Adam asks why, and Christina says that the pool table is right above her bed. If it's only been a problem once up until now, why does she assume that it will continue to be a problem? Adam interviews that he's cool with having Christina as a roommate, and in fact, he welcomes it, but that he doesn't want Chris to get pissed off. Christina further justifies her change by saying that Chris would have his own bathroom, shared with Ace, so the other roommates wouldn't get pissed off about Chris's messy bathroom habits. Adam agrees. Christina asks whether it's too drastic, and Adam says it sounds great.

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