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The South Rises Again

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The South Rises Again

Ace interviews that he can't stand it when someone is mad at him, because he just wants to be liked. Ace works on his assignment while Christina and Leah sit at the desk in the next room. Ace asks if they are talking to him today. How old are you that the silent treatment is still considered an effective means of expressing anger? Grow the fuck up. Christina says she's disappointed. Ace apologizes. Christina says she'll just switch beds with Chris. Christina interviews that she's not switching rooms to punish Ace, but that she's trying to be practical. Yeah, right. It's totally a punishment. Ace says that yelling doesn't solve anything and that she should have asked nicely. Christina thinks she did, but Ace disagrees. Ace interviews that his mom's family yells a lot, so he hates it. Ace tells Christina that she can't bitch and yell about everything. Christina says that the majority of the roommates were sleeping and that it's about "a mutual respect." Ace mumbles and goes back to his work. Christina keeps talking and Ace yells, "You're the most dramatic person I've ever met in all of my life. I've never met anyone as dramatic as you. I mean, you've been in fights with everyone in the house and you think it's just..." Christina knows she's dramatic. Ace thinks that's pretty bad. Christina interviews that Ace said those things to hurt her, and it bothers her. Christina moves her stuff into her new room. The Angry Guitar Riffs of Ace's True Feelings Coming Out play as Ace and Christina ponder their argument.

Next time: It looks like the assignments don't get in on time. Also, I am in love with the song "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne.

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