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The South Rises Again

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The South Rises Again

It's 7:30 AM and Christina heads up to the pool room. She tells the guys that she's about to lose her mind. Chris starts screaming, "Cry me a river!" and jumping around. Christina points out that her bed is right below where he's slamming his pool cue into the floor. Chris calms down and immediately says that he's sorry. I think he was just so focused on the money he was about to lose that he lost it. Christina asks why he can't be reasonable. Chris says it's actually early. Christina walks into the room and sits down. She starts asking Chris how much he lost on the last game and getting right in his face, trying to distract him while he takes a shot. Ace interviews that he's all for Christina's tactics if it means he'll win the money. Chris starts yelling, "Tina, spare me! Tina, spare me!" She yells right back at him about how he robbed her of sleep. Chris makes a shot and starts whooping and hollering. I really hope he's drunk because he is making no sense. Does he ever? Chris looks over and sees Leah and Mallory on the stairs and immediately apologizes to them for being so loud. He seemed like he genuinely didn't realize how loud he was being. Which is horseshit, but at least he sounded sincere. Leah interviews happily that they are all furious at Chris. She just loves having something else to hate him for. Christina tells Ace and Chris that they are jackasses and that she wants to change rooms. Ace asks why she's yelling at him, because he's just been playing pool and not being loud.

Christina goes down to Mallory, Leah, and Simon's room. Simon giggles and wonders how Ace and Chris could have so much fun just hanging out together and drinking. Christina wonders how she can get back at Ace. Leah interviews that Ace is trying to maintain an image that might not be his true self. Simon points out that Ace is still trying to be the nice guy, but that he was just as guilty as Chris.

Chris says that he can't believe that everyone just jumps to blame him first. Leah interviews that she wants Chris just to pack up his stuff and leave. She has such a look of disgust on her face when she says this. Leah can't believe that Chris is drunk when he's the point person. Maybe his assignment is done. Simon reminds everyone that it's all or nothing this week. Chris interviews that he's on schedule to finish his assignment.

Later that day, Chris says that he feels bad about Mallory, Leah, and Simon. Ace points out that none of them woke up until Christina and Chris started yelling. Chris thinks that he and Ace should just room together since they stay up later than everyone else. Ace tells Chris that he snores and smells a lot. Chris says that he doesn't snore and he doesn't fart. Ever? I don't think that's normal. Ace thinks that Chris is dirty. Chris points out that he showers more than anyone else. Ace says that Chris does "weird bodily stuff." Chris blames all the eggs he eats and then claims that his farts don't smell as bad as Ace's feet do. Ace interviews that he loves Chris but that he doesn't want to be roommates with him.

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