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The South Rises Again

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The South Rises Again

Previously on The Real World: Chris lied about sending flowers to Leah, and Leah was beyond thrilled to have yet another reason to hate Chris. Mallory hooked up with Leah's brother, Pascual, and Ace was a little jealous. Ace was happy to room with Christina because "she wears her heart on her shoulder." Which sounds painful.

Eiffel Tower Shot Vingt-Quatre. Zippy music plays. Christina tells Chris and Ace that everyone knows everything about her. Ace says that he's her roommate and he really doesn't know much about her, like what kind of guys she likes, or whether she has siblings. Christina says that Ace just doesn't listen. Ace asks Christina to tell him his little sister's name. Christina says he never told her. Christina interviews that she feels bad because they live, work, and party together, but they don't know anything about each other. Chris tells Christina just to admit that she doesn't know Ace's little sister's name. Christina tells him not to instigate and gets her snip on, asking, "What the fuck do you know right now?" Wow, she just went from zero to bitch in four seconds. I'm really distracted by the chalkboard behind Chris's head that reads, "Your welcome." "Your"? Like the welcome belongs to someone? Chris says that he knows Christina doesn't have a clue. She asks what clue he has. Ace pipes up that Chris knows his little sister's name. Christina challenges him and Chris immediately says, "Kathleen." Ace says that's it. Christina is stunned, and Ace admits that he doesn't even have a little sister. Hee! Chris did a great job of lying right there. Why couldn't he have done a better job with the flower issue?

Christina starts throwing stuff at Ace. In a confessional, Chris says that he thinks Ace and Christina like each other, based on the way they act. Ace gooses Christina as he walks out of the kitchen. Christina goes in the fridge and grabs a bottle of ketchup. She chases Ace around the house. He shuts himself in his room. Christina promises to wait for him all night, and squirts a warning shot on his doorknob. Ace comes out and wrestles the bottle away from her. Ace interviews that he flirts with Christina a lot. Ace and Christina wrestle and Ace tells her that she's strong "for a little Asian girl." I would think the stereotype of little Asian girls would be that they all know martial arts and could kick your ass. That would be funny if Christina busted out a roundhouse kick right now. This would be such a different show if the roommates just broke out in kung fu fighting every time they had a disagreement. Hmm. I must pitch that to MTV. Ace and Christina wrestle some more as Ace voice-overs that he might kiss or otherwise hook up with Christina, but that he would never date her. Why not? That's kind of a shitty thing to say. The editors cut to the sex statues, which are two fertility goddess-type carved figures that they always cut to when people are hooking up. Ace calls a truce and tries to get Christina to hug him. He jokes, "You complete me."

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