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The Return Of Danny

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The Return Of Danny
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After the cameras zoom in on the city at night, we cut to the roommates going out on the town. For some reason, Melinda is doing the Macarena. I wish I were kidding about that. Johanna tells Lacey that she's not going to talk to Wes for a few weeks. Wes interviews that he and Johanna are still mad at each other. Johanna announces that she will talk to Wes when he approaches her, and Lacey says that Wes said the same thing about Johanna. I didn't even know that people still do the "I'm not talking" thing after about eighth grade. At what point do you look at yourself and go, "Really? I'm not talking to someone? Like, if I think of something to say, I have to stifle, because of a fight we had, like, a week ago that I don't even really remember?" I guess I just don't take myself seriously enough to stop talking to someone. And frankly, besides my husband, I don't know that anyone in my life would notice for a while if I stopped talking to him or her. Lacey tries to broker a peace, and interviews that you'd think everyone would have learned from Danny's mother's death that the little things aren't that important.

At the ubiquitous Dizzy Rooster, Melinda runs into a dude named TJ that she apparently knows. TJ is having girlfriend troubles, and describes how oftehn they fight. In case you were wondering why in the hell we should care about TJ and his love life, know that it just provides Melinda the opportunity to run down how perfect her relationship is with the still-absent Danny.

Back home, Mel finds a photo of Danny being kissed by two other girls on her nightstand, and shows Lacey. Why would she want a picture of Danny being kissed by two other girls? I mean, I'm sure it was perfectly innocent, but it's still an ever-present reminder of the "groupie" situation, and I'm sure that if he put his mind to it, Danny would be a lot more successful with groupies than Wes was. Although I think the neon cowboy sign could probably get more tail than Wes does. Mel brings the photo out to show the other girls, and talks about how hot Danny is in it. As they have a late-night drunken snack, Melinda props the photo up next to her so she can pretend that Danny is eating with them. She even talks to it a little bit, which was actually kind of cute. I know! I take a week off and I get soft.

Rachel and Wes discuss their assignment for work. They have to interview one of their roommates and make a creative short film about that person. Johanna interviews Melinda, as Melinda does a bird dance. I don't know why it's called that, and despite the fact that it may be the most interesting moment of the episode, we don't get any further explanation. But basically, it involves Melinda standing on her bed and making a backstroke swimming motion with her arms. And then doing a sort of "rolling on the river" type motion with her arms while singing a song we can't hear. Johanna interviews that she and Melinda wanted to interview each other because they know the least about each other of all the roommates. When it's Melinda's turn to interview Johanna, she asks about Johanna's heroes. Johanna talks about her great-aunt, who raised her. Another interesting story that we don't get to hear.

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