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The Real World New Orleans Reunion Special

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The Real World New Orleans Reunion Special

Nathan asks what they're up to now. Kelley says that she's doing the college tour and living with Peter. Matt is the national spokesperson for LifeTeen. Julie is living in Huntington Beach and playing with her brother's band. Yikes! Melissa is working on her comedy career in L.A. and looking for a man. Jamie is working on David is working out so he can enter competitions and "doing the music thing." Danny is living with Paul "somewhere" and starting an entertainment career. Rachel brings up the Dawson's Creek guest spot.

Nathan asks who from their cast is most likely to succeed. David says he thinks they all will. What a cop-out. Rachel asks who the biggest flirt is. Everyone says that Julie is. Nathan asks who is most likely to appear in a tabloid, and Danny says that he already has. Rachel asks who is best dressed. Melissa raises her own hand, and says that if she didn't want to see Danny in that gray sweater one more time. Some people in the forums thought this might be a shout-out, but I don't think so; everyone noticed the gray sweater thing, not just me! Everyone cheers. Rachel asks for Worst Dressed and Julie claims it. Nathan asks about messiest and Kelley says that they all were. Rachel asks about Cleanest, and they all say Matt. Rachel asks about Most Improved, and Danny says that Julie and David both win it. Rachel asks whether they have any advice for the next season. Melissa tells them not to cry on camera. Kelley tells them not to run away from the cameras because she did, and she regrets it. Didn't she say earlier that she had no regrets?

Nathan thanks them and plugs the book. Rachel welcomes them into the Real World Alumni Club. Do they have blazers? As the credits roll, Matt hugs Meredith. Melissa hugs Rachel, as does Kelley. Then it gets really crowded but a lot of women are hugging David. And that's it.

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