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The Real World New Orleans Reunion Special

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The Real World New Orleans Reunion Special

A girl in the audience asks whether any of them would do another show like this in the future. Matt says that he wants to be on the next boy band show. Melissa says that she would do one with her parents. Hey, I suggested that! I want royalties. Someone from the internet says that Jamie has "profoundly changed." Jamie says that he doesn't feel that he has, and that he hasn't watched the season (liar!), and that he was pushed into a role. While he thinks he did develop, he doesn't think he changed. Kelley thinks he changed, because they got along so well when they spent a weekend together, and Jamie is a good person, so she's sorry she didn't get to know it when she was in the house. A really scary girl in the audience asks whether Julie would go through the whole experience again, knowing what she knows now about BYU and everything. Julie says she would, because it was so much fun. Another girl in the audience asked if their friends and family act different towards them now since the show. Melissa says her mom is a Real World junkie. David says that his father is mad at some of the things he said, woo woo. Everyone laughs at the "woo woo" part. Rachel has an internet question from a girl who wants to marry him even though he's gay. Danny says that he's not interested. Rachel says that people on the internet speculate about his sexuality. Danny says that there are rumors that he's really straight, but that they're not true. Rachel reads a question for Julie and Matt, asking whether being a Christian hindered their relationships. Matt says that it helped. Of course he does. Julie says that she felt a little competition between herself and Matt over who could be more Christian, which is an interesting response. Matt says that you can't help drawing parallels. Rachel asks whether they drew strength from each other, and Julie says that they did. Nathan takes us to commercial, says, "Woo woo," and raises the roof. We see clips of the cast dancing, all of which are on the Real World You Never Saw video.

Another clip from The Real World You Never Saw as we come back from commercial. It's Danny and Kelley naked, as Adam and Eve. Rachel asks whose idea that was. Kelley says that she hoped that Danny would see her naked breasts and be overcome, but that it didn't work. Nathan says that his cast had a lot of moments that didn't make it on the show. Yeah, like the drugs and the gay sex. Oops, did I say that out loud? In a shameless plug for the video, Nathan asks Melissa about her craziest memories. Melissa says that her parents' visit was really funny. Julie says "dookie girl" and tells about when Melissa made the toilet overflow, and it's all on the video which I'll be recapping at a future point, so I'll save it for then. David brings up when he and Matt drove around in Jamie's Prowler. Matt agrees that "Dookie Girl" was a great moment. Jamie says that they went to Angola Prison, which was fun. "Fun"? Danny says that "Melissa's boobs in the morning" was his favorite moment. Rachel says that tensions can be high at a reunion, and asks whether they are truly at peace. Danny says that it'll take a while. Rachel asks what it's been like. Kelley says that your first reaction is to get angry, but then you have to "own it." Matt says "awesome" or "flavor" or something again. I don't know. I'm tuning him out. Rachel asks whether they have any regrets. Kelley says that she doesn't. Julie regrets chasing Matt down in the parking garage. Melissa regrets not killing the rabbit. Matt says that he hated the rabbit too.

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