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The Real World New Orleans Reunion Special

Nathan asks Danny whether he's the poster boy for the gay world. Danny says that he kind of is, and that he feels pressure not to make mistakes or say the wrong thing. Rachel asks if Matt feels the same way as a Catholic. Rachel talks about herself for about five minutes. Girl, you were on the show like six years ago. Get over it. Matt says that they were all representative of something, and that now he works for LifeTeen, and "it's awesome." He said "awesome" about ten times. Nathan asks Danny if he is "the accidental activist," as The Advocate titled him. Danny says that he doesn't want to be an activist because Paul is still in the military and he doesn't want to cause trouble.

Oh, now I see why they had to write all of Rachel's questions for her. She says, "On The Real World, it's just been a hotbed every season...just...gays." Good one. Rachel asks Danny if he feels weird that Paul couldn't show his face. Danny says it sucks, but that he hopes things will change in the future. Rachel asks if it's difficult to keep Paul's identity private. Danny says that they have to pretend they don't know each other in public and it sucks. Aw, that does suck. Stupid military policy.

Rachel asks if "living with all this diversity" has changed the way they deal with people, particularly for Julie and Matt. Matt fields this one. Blah blah blah hold fast to your truths blah blah blah stay open-minded. Rachel asks whether his religious beliefs were compromised, and Matt says that he agrees to disagree. Julie agrees. I'm not going to recap what else she said because it's exactly what Matt just said. Jamie pipes up to say that he wishes the show covered the spiritual development that went on in the house instead of the "smooching and drinking." How does he know what the show covered -- he said he didn't watch it! Liar. Plus, please let me tune in for week after week of Jamie trying out different forms of religion. That would be so fascinating.

Nathan keeps pushing the gay thing, asking Julie whether it took some getting used to because she hadn't been "subjected to it before." He acts like living with a gay person is akin to getting your wisdom teeth out. Someone needs to teach Nathan to ask a question and then stop. It takes him like ten minutes to ask each question, and then he ends with phrases like "situated to that situation." Julie says that it was different, but that she learned a lot about compassion. Matt pipes up again! Shut up, Matt! He says the same thing he's been saying.

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