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The Real World New Orleans Reunion Special

Rachel asks Matt about his "perfect girl," and Matt says he's found her and that she's in the audience. Nathan runs out to interview Meredith, Matt's girlfriend. She's really pretty. Some people have said she looks like Julie, and I can see the resemblance, but I think she's prettier than Julie, which is kind of a slap in the face. Meredith says that they met in a computer lab, and she actually calls Matt "Cyberpimp." Ew. Oh God, they were meant for each other. Nathan asks something about "an untamed beast" and my ears started bleeding so I can't tell you what Meredith said in response. Nathan asks Julie if this is an awkward situation. Well, it is now! Julie says she met Meredith briefly and she loves her. Meredith mumbles something. Matt gets a boner, probably.

Rachel asks Julie whether there is anyone in her life, and Julie pleads the Fifth. Everyone groans. Rachel brings up that Julie was suspended from BYU. Julie says that she's been doing a lot of lectures at different campuses. Nathan asks whether she subconsciously wanted a way out of BYU. Julie says she didn't use the show as an excuse to get out, and that she wasn't "overly zeal-yus" to leave or stay. "Zeal-yus"? Rachel points out that Julie's brother is a freshman at BYU, and asks whether he gives Julie the lowdown on what people at BYU are saying. Julie says that he does. Rachel presses for some examples, and Julie says that some people like her and some don't, essentially. Wow, that was fascinating. As we go to commercial, we see clips from the "Racism Is Bad" episode.

On the way back from commercial, we see the whole racist tour guide episode. Rachel asks Melissa how she feels when seeing the clip. Melissa replies that she knows her role on the show was to be "racially fixated" but that she gets a lot of mail from young kids who were moved by the show and have become more aware of racial issues because of it. So in the end, it's a good thing. Everyone applauds. Nathan asks if she's heard from the tour guide. Melissa says she heard from an MTV publicist that the tour guide sent an apology. Well, good thing, because I was losing sleep over that one. Nathan asks David why he didn't get upset when Julie used the term "colored." Yeah, why didn't he? David says, "You know what I'm sayin'?" like five times. I'm not sure what else he said. Something about being proud of what you are. Everyone applauds again. Rachel asks David if he's had reaction from the public over the incident. David doesn't know what she's talking about. Rachel is apparently unable to say the word "colored" which would have clarified the whole thing. David finally figures it out and says that people ask him why he didn't get mad, but they don't know the interaction between him and Julie. Julie pipes up and says that David understood that it wasn't the best time to approach her, and it was very mature of David not to get pissed off.

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