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The Real World New Orleans Reunion Special

Rachel asks how they feel now that the show is over -- whether they feel like a Miss America who has lost her crown. She directs the question to Danny. Danny pulls a face, while Kelley comments, "Danny, do you feel like Miss America?" Everyone laughs. Danny can't describe the feeling. Melissa is thankful that she can pick up her prescription in peace. Nathan notes that they all seemed "motivated to leave on a good note," and asks Jamie if he thought some people were faking it. Jamie gives a long answer that amounts to, "No." Matt butts in and says that it was important to finish on a positive note, and that they're all friends. Everyone applauds.

Rachel asks whether anyone misses the cameras. They all say no. Nathan specifically asks Melissa, who says, "Why you gotta ask me?" She says she doesn't miss getting caught doing stupid things. Nathan asks David if he would have done things differently to avoid the confrontation at the end. David says he has no regrets. Rachel asks if they think the whole David confrontation seems unfair now. Silence. Silence. Kelley finally answers that she thinks it's "kind of crappy" to have to watch it in front of the studio audience and everyone. Also, she doesn't think it was as bad as it looked.

Nathan asks what they think of their portrayal on camera, and how accurate it was. Matt gives the party line about how it all happened, but it's only eleven hours out of five months. Matt is happy. Nathan directs the question to Jamie, who says that it's "all good," which is interesting given that he didn't watch the show and has complained about his portrayal in the past. Kelley says she thinks that things don't get explained enough. Thank you! There are a lot of awkward pauses in this thing. As we go to commercial, we see Danny greeting Paul the Blur.

On the way back from commercial, we see Kelley talking to and about Peter. Rachel says that was "so romantic." Well of course she thinks so -- she's married to Sean. Kelley says she's still with Peter, and they've talked about marriage. Nathan says that having a relationship on camera is tough, especially when you're an idiotic hick like Nathan, and he wants to know if the cameras accelerate the relationship. Kelley says that the cameras didn't really "elevate or de-elevate" their relationship.

Rachel brings up Danny, who is "such a dreamboat." Geez, Rachel, cool it! Danny says his relationship with Paul is as "close to perfect as it gets." Nathan asks how Paul reacted when he saw the Mardi Gras episode, in which Danny cheated on him. Oh, I'm sure he popped some popcorn and invited the neighbors over. What a stupid question! I mean, Danny just said they are still together, so obviously Paul didn't get pissed off enough to break up, and yet I'm sure he wasn't happy. I know Nathan didn't write the questions, but I'm going to blame him anyway. Danny answers that Paul wasn't happy. Rachel asks David what happened with Deanna, the woman he was dating at the end of the season. David gives a fairly noncommittal answer so that he can still flow all over the South Side of Chicago (which is the baddest part of town. That's probably the last time I'll be able to use that phrase in a recap). Jamie is dating someone, and he was actually dating her throughout the season, although you wouldn't know that if you watched the show. He talks about it in the book though. Said girlfriend lives in Boulder, Colorado, and Nathan's all "Nice!" Like, "Way to go that she lives in Boulder, dude! Boulder rocks! I saw Moe open for Dave Matthews there and it was such a great show! I was so wasted!" Well, that's my interpretation of Nathan's commentary, anyway. Melissa says she is not dating anyone. Rachel asks Jamie whether he will ever find anyone as devoted to him as Melissa is. What a shitty question. Jamie actually gets out of it fairly gracefully by saying that Melissa is "a wonderful, wonderful woman." Rachel asks Melissa if she ever found "that manwich." Seriously, who wrote these questions? Did they even watch the season? No one cares about these things! Melissa says that she lives in "Boystown," where all the gay men live, so they're not really interested in her. Melissa seems to have trouble speaking with the braces.

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