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The Real World New Orleans Reunion Special

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The Real World New Orleans Reunion Special

Nathan from Seattle and Rachel from San Francisco try to convince us that we are watching a live reunion. We all know that it's taped. Thus begins my agony. Rachel looks about a million times better than she did on the most recent reunion show, having grown out her unfortunate "Courteney Cox Arquette in Scream 3" bangs. She's wearing a lavender sweater and yellowish leather pants that clash horribly, though. Nathan is Nathan: a hick.

Okay, I know you all really want to know what everyone looks like, so I'll start with that. Matt, Julie, and Jamie are sharing a couch in the front. Julie has cut her hair to about shoulder-length and dyed it red. It's very much in the anime style of Willow on Buffy with the ends flipped out. She's very shiny and puffy-looking. Although I think the red hair might suit her in some way, she doesn't look good. Matt looks the same as he did during the season, but he's wearing these Elton John blue-tinted sunglasses and python pants. He also has a blue button-down shirt on with the two middle buttons done, which makes him look like he has a big beer gut busting out. Jamie looks pretty much the same, except that he has shaved his head in a Dawson's Creek season premiere Pacey kind of way. Of course, if you read Melissa's interview on this site, you knew that.

Behind them, on a couch, are David, Kelley, and Melissa. David looks bigger somehow, and he's wearing yellow-lensed rectangular sunglasses. He still looks like one of the Boyz II Men to me. Kelley looks great. Her hair is a little longer and much fuller, and she has on a halter top. Melissa also looks fabulous. Her hair is a little longer than it was during the season, and she's wearing a green sleeveless rollneck sweater with jeans. And braces!

Sitting in a chair all by his lonesome is Danny. He's got a weird haircut that I don't really find flattering, but somehow he manages to pull it off and look cute. He's wearing a blue sweater, and not a gray one.

The first question Rachel asks is about the kiss between Matt and Julie. Matt says he just wanted to get out of there. Julie giggles and says that they didn't show the part where Matt went to kiss her and she turned her head. Julie cracks herself up with that one, but no one else laughs. Nathan asks whether it's hard to watch yourself on television. Matt gives a non-answer that amounts to "Yes." Rachel asks Julie to compare Jamie and Matt in the kissing department. I think if they are hiring in the kissing department, Julie should get the job. Julie doesn't answer. Rachel tells Nathan that on-camera kisses can be trouble. Hee! See, because Nathan cheated on his girlfriend during his season. My God, Rachel and Nathan are terrible.

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