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An audience members asks everyone what they miss the most about Vegas. Brynn says the free rent and free car were great. Someone says the spa privileges were great. Another audience member asks if they would still go on the show if they had it to do over. Steven says he's gotten to do so many amazing things during and after the show, and it was a great experience. Brynn says she would do it again if she could, but she would lie and be fake. She feels that "MTV represented [her] but not the way that [she] truly [is]." First of all, I don't think MTV had much to do with the editing, from what I understand. Of this reunion, yes, but not of the show proper. Brynn says that she feels like she got the shaft because she wasn't on the show much. Well, you have to actually do interesting things to get on the show. Okay, scratch that. This season, you had to either hook up with a roommate, or cry a lot, or get in fights. Brynn did that early on, and she was on the show, but then she calmed down, and she wasn't. In conclusion, whatever. Arissa says that it's cool to have four months of her life on tape. Alton says you can give it to your kids. Who would show this to their kids? Frank says that he regrets eating the sink pizza. Steven says that people are confused about his marital status, and that he and his ex-wife were separated when he went on the show and his ex-wife is getting remarried soon. Hilarie wraps things up. I never thought I'd say this, but I kind of missed Trishelle.

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