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Now for some questions from the audience. The first person asks if it bothers them that the show was based on hookups instead of their personalities. Irulan says that it's a TV show and they have to try to get ratings. Frank complains that they never show his volunteer work for children's orphanages, and everyone laughs. The second person asks how often they thought about their actions being filmed. Frank says that they only thought of that after they had done something. Irulan says you get wrapped up in living your life. Brynn says that there was one hot cameraman, so they used to purposely not wear underwear when he had to mike them. What? That definitely deserves a follow-up question, but of course we don't get one. I'd love to hear the crew's impressions of each roommate. Steven jokes that the guy loved when he and Frank didn't wear underwear. Hilarie lamely takes us to commercial.

Hilarie welcomes us back by telling us that we're "knee-deep" in this special, and I have to take a few moments off to cry a little bit. After pulling myself together, I return to the show as Hilarie tells Arissa that she's not off the hook. The Arissa montage includes: Arissa talking about how much she loves Dario, Arissa getting jealous when Dario talks to another woman, Arissa saying that she can't change overnight, Arissa deciding that she's too dependent on Dario for her happiness, Arissa telling Dario she needs space, Dario telling Arissa that she sucks and Arissa getting pissed and turning into her mother a little bit, Arissa's mother drunk-calling Frank, Arissa fighting with her mother, Arissa having second thoughts about breaking up with Dario, Arissa finding out that Dario knocked up some other chick, and Arissa telling Dario he's pathetic and burning all of their pictures. I have to say that when they put it all in a montage like that, Arissa's storyline seemed kind of interesting. It was all of the crap in between that was boring.

Hilarie says that everyone liked the fire, and asks if the hotel manager knew about it. Everyone says that the manager knows now. Hilarie asks if Arissa still speaks to Dario and how their relationship stands. Arissa says she does speak to Dario, and it's mostly friendly but there is some drama. An audience member asks Arissa if she regrets anything she said about her family on television. Arissa says she doesn't regret it because she meant it at the time, and that she gets along with her mother really well now, especially since she lives across the country from her. Hilarie buys into the storyline of Arissa's big change and asks if her roommates played a part in that. Arissa says that all of her roommates are great and they all taught her something. Hilarie asks the others about the biggest change they saw in Arissa. Arissa answers, "That she's not crazy," and gets a big laugh. Steven says that Arissa was really defensive when she arrived in Vegas, but she realized that she had to change and was amazing. Irulan and Alton pipe up to say that Arissa was amazing from the beginning, which was kind of a slam on Steven, wasn't it? Frank says he didn't talk to Arissa much the first month they lived together, but it all came to a head (no pun intended?) when she busted him hooking up in the confessional. Frank says that after that, they have been good friends.

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