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When the montage ends, Steven yells out that he does love Trishelle and that she's a great friend and he wouldn't change anything. Hilarie asks if they are still good friends. Steven says she lives three streets away from him. Hilarie asks how often they get together, and Steven says they don't "get together" anymore, but they do hang out. Hilarie is glad to hear that, and asks what they think when they look back at this footage. What, is Steven supposed to answer for Trishelle too? Steven says he thinks he's a lucky guy that Trishelle was dumb enough to hook up with him. Oh, Steven and his false modesty. How I haven't missed it. Hilarie asks if they wish they had waited a little longer before hooking up. Steven says they should have waited at least forty-eight hours, and everyone laughs. Hilarie asks if it was stressful hooking up with a roommate. Steven says it was, and everyone agrees that at first it was annoying and weird, but then they got used to it.

Hilarie says that Frank broke her heart because she thought it was going to happen for him. All this to introduce a montage of "Frank being dismissed," which is basically a recap of the first episode where Steven encourages Frank to go for it with Trishelle and then Steven hooks up with Trishelle himself. Then Frank gets a visit from Emily and starts a relationship with her, and then kisses Trishelle, and then breaks up with Emily. Hilarie says that Frank is noble. Frank says he regrets the first thirty-six hours because he doesn't feel left out or betrayed, and he went on to become great friends with Steven and Trishelle. Frank adds that he broke up with Emily because they weren't getting along, and kissing Trishelle had nothing to do with it. Frank does a strange robot dance while saying this, and Steven and Arissa totally mock him.

Hilarie has some questions from the internet. Someone asks Frank if he has more luck with the ladies now that he's semi-famous. Frank says it doesn't hurt, but that you can tell when someone is only interested in you because you were on television.

Hilarie brings up the other big couple of the season, Irulan and Alton. This leads to a montage of Irulan and Alton making out a lot, Gabe coming to visit, Alton feeling weird about it, the whole tent thing, Irulan lying to Gabe about it, Alton claiming he had a threesome in Australia, Irulan screaming at Alton for lying about it, and Alton and Irulan getting back together. Wow, that made about as much sense as it did the first time I saw all of those clips. That is to say, no sense at all.

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