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Hilarie comments that everyone seems to get along now. Brynn jokes that she always carries a fork with her. Steven says that he wishes that fight had never happened and he's glad Brynn stayed. Brynn says that she doesn't take it back, because she learned from it. Irulan says that if she were in a fight with Alton, she would still give him the elbow drop. Steven says that he learned that it only takes a 105-lb. girl to hold him back as we see Arissa holding him back from Brynn. Hilarie asks why there weren't any fights with Trishelle. Steven jokes that Trishelle is tough, and someone else says that she was scary. Hilarie stupidly asks if they're serious. Shut up, Hilarie. Also, spell your name right. Hilarie brings up Frank and Arissa's fight and how Arissa wouldn't even hug Frank afterwards. Arissa says that feels she could have "taken it in another direction," but once you do or say something, it's out there and you can't take it back.

Hilarie points out that they all had to be over twenty-one to live in the casino, so they were all of legal drinking age. This sets up a drunky montage: people drinking, people drinking, people stumbling, people puking, people making out (mostly Steven and Trishelle), Alton fighting with Frank, people dancing, Frank and his skank, Brynn doing shots, everyone toasting, and Brynn puking. Fascinating.

Hilarie asks if the drinking was the leading factor for the mayhem in Vegas. Didn't she just ask if being in Vegas was what made them act so crazy, and everyone said yes? So now it's not Vegas, it's the alcohol? Stupid, stupid questions. Everyone talks at once. Hilarie asks how they maintained their jobs and their relationships while being surrounded by temptation. Frank says they didn't really do their job, and Irulan says that they got drunk every day and went to the spa. Frank says their job was to go out and get drunk and party. Hilarie asks if they have any regrets regarding drunken behavior. Arissa says she doesn't remember. Hilarie thinks Frank looks sheepish, and everyone laughs. Frank says that he agreed to be on the show while he was drunk, which he regrets. Ha ha. Ha? I thought Frank was the funny one. I also just noticed that when trying to segue, Hilarie always says, "Okay, very cool," or some variant of that. It's very annoying. But if I were going to do a spoof of her, that would be one of the things I would use.

Hilarie awkwardly segues between Steven being drunk and his hooking up with Trishelle. It's the horny drunken montage, in which we see: Steven and Trishelle humping, Steven and Trishelle making out, Steen and Trishelle feeling each other up, Steven burying his face in Trishelle's boobs, Steven saying they should just be friends, Steven feeling Trishelle up, Steven telling Trishelle he loves her and then regretting it, Frank getting in the middle of the Steven/Trishelle relationship but not in the way he would like, Trishelle saying she won't be "the chaser," and Steven expressing regret about their relationship.

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