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We open with a montage of the "highlights" of the season, most of which feature two roommates (and sometimes three) making out in various combinations. After the credits, Hilarie Burton welcomes us to the reunion and introduces all of the roommates, minus Trishelle. Hilarie pronounces Irulan "Air-lahn" which cracked me up for some reason, and also reinforces the fact that she didn't actually watch the season and is just reading questions that someone else wrote. Why oh why can't they get someone to host these reunions that has actually watched the season? Hilarie claims that Trishelle is "out of the country," and that's all we get on her situation.

Hilarie opens up the questioning by saying something about "Sin City" and then asking if the roommates think that this was the "raciest" season ever. Silence. Brynn finally breaks in and says that she does, because she realized at one point that she had kissed all of her roommates. She did? I guess if she was in more than five episodes throughout the season, we might know that. Hilarie asks who was the best kisser. Brynn says that it was Irulan, and everyone cheers because two chicks kissing is cool. Hilarie asks Alton if he wants to back that up, and Alton just smiles. So is she trying to say that Alton has also kissed everyone in the house? Because that would actually be interesting. Hilarie uses this opportunity to introduce a montage of the dirtiest moments of the season. They are: Trishelle and Steven hooking up, Alton hooking up in the tub, the girls topless in Australia, Frank getting a lap dance, Brynn and Trishelle hooking up with Steven at the same time, discussion of Alton's giant penis, Frank hooking up with that skank, Trishelle and Brynn making out, and Arissa saying that she's in a porn she can't escape.

Hilarie asks the roommates what they were thinking, since they knew their antics were being taped. Steven jokes that it was all done in the editing and no one actually hooked up. Hilarie asks if the Vegas setting made the show "spicy." Steven says it was, but also the fact that his roommates were so beautiful. Everyone applauds. Hilarie keeps trying to work the "Vegas is crazy" angle for some reason, and Brynn finally agrees that Vegas may have had something to do with it. Hilarie asks Frank specifically how he felt in Vegas, since he comes from a small town. Frank says that he thought they would probably party a lot, like every weekend. Everyone laughs as Frank says they partied every night and day. Hilarie says that Arissa behaved herself, and Steven says, "Except the last day." They show a clip of Arissa and Steven kissing, but Hilarie doesn't ask any follow-ups about that -- not that there is anything interesting to be gleaned at this point, but then why bring it up?

Hilarie introduces the fight scenes montage by saying something about boxing. We see: Frank calling Arissa a "bitchy black chick," Alton and Irulan's wrestling match, the aftermath of Brynn's forking, Arissa getting her head hit by the confessional door, Arissa and Steven swearing at each other, Arissa hitting that girl in the club, and one final clip of Alton and Irulan's fight where he has her in a figure-four leglock and I swear to God she has her thumb up his ass. Ew.

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