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Group Bonding is Stupid

Jon and Tami discuss the fact that Banthony is "weird" but also "good-hearted." They're in agreement that they like her. Whatever. The God's honest truth is that Banthony is boring, which is what really bugs me most about her.

Later, Glenn puts on one of Jon's old western shirts to watch Jon perform in the finals of his Country-Western Hoedown Showdown at Borderline. Glenn seems to think that showing up in Jon's shirt conveys some kind of solidarity, and I guess Jon agrees, because he seems pleased to see Glenn in his shirt, whereas I would have been all, "Is that my shirt? Why are you wearing my clothes, poseur?" Anyway, everyone's come out to see Jon, which is really is sweet. "Everyone" includes all of Perch, which is also rather nice. Jon is all touched by the turnout.

So a bunch of other people sing a bunch of twangy tunes and then Jon gets up and boot-scoot-boogies his way into the judges' hearts and into the winner's circle. He sings. People line-dance. He wins. Beth hugs him. The crowd goes wild.

Back at the beach house, Dom and Jon lounge by the hot tub. "That's really good, Jon. It still doesn't mean I like your singing, but I'm really pleased," Dom tells him, grinning slyly. "That's okay. I still don't think you have any taste," Jon retorts tartly. They look at each other and burst out laughing. Oh, those two! They warm the cockles of my cold dead heart!

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