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To illustrate the roommates' newfound love and happiness, Bunim Murray digs through the last 436 hours of tape and comes up with fifteen minutes of half a game of Monopoly the gang once tried to play, and inserts it right here. Aaron -- because he's the capitalist Republican one, remember? -- kicks everyone's ass. Banthony voice-overs that all the roommates respect one another more, now that they understand a bit of each other's issues and history. "We've all lightened up," Dom says.

Banthony, lounging on the sofa with Jon, announces that she's thought of a good "family project" for the house. She'd like them to do something special for Earth Day, like volunteering for AIDS Project L.A. (which is indeed a fine organization, although not really Earth Day-y). Let me just take this moment to explain that Banthony irritates me, generally, for so many reasons, and this episode perfectly illustrates why. It's certainly not because I have some crazy anti-volunteering bias, because I don't, having done volunteer work of one kind or another on and off since I was thirteen years old. I just really hate it when people force other people to volunteer their time to some project or other, especially because said people might already have a pet charity to which they'd rather devote their time, and also because, if you're being forced to volunteer, it's not really volunteering.

Anyway, Banthony and the roommates make a bunch of sandwiches and go out and hand them to homeless people on the street. Which is very, very nice. But it also feels like an attempt on Banthony's part to show the rest of her roommates -- and the world -- how sensitive and saintly she is. It smacks of scantimony to me, and it feels disingenuous. But, whatever. It's better than sitting on the sofa drinking Kool-Aid all day and picking your nose, even if it is just a one-time thing designed to prove your own moral superiority. Meee-ow! I really don't like her, do I? I think part of my problem with Banthony stems from her bizarre fondness for Glenn, actually. Her so-called saintly behavior is quite at odds with a friendship with Glenn, a relationship that makes me think the saintliness is just a put-on. Anyone who's truly full of the milk of human kindness would, I think, be a least somewhat disturbed by Glenn's total tool-osity. Or maybe this is my Newly Found Inner Bitch clawing her way to the surface yet again. Or that thing about how I hate people. Anyway, Jon was surprised that everyone pitched in to help feed the homeless -- like anyone with half a heart would turn St. Banthony down, especially on national television. Tami metal-mouths that she thinks of Banthony in a whole new way, now, and that what they did was great. Well, that's nice. I mean, trust me, I certainly think that feeding the homeless is admirable and important work, so save the poison pen mail for someone else. I would never deride true volunteerism and philanthropy. I just think Banthony's motives are suspect. I also realize that, for the homeless people, her motives don't really matter, so maybe I just ought to drop it. Consider it dropped. "We all benefited from it more than the homeless people did, and that was my whole idea," Banthony says. See? I told you so! Okay, now it's dropped.

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