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Group Bonding is Stupid

Glenn perches (get it?) on the porch steps of some random house. "It's Operation Perch, now," he says. And everyone know what a successful operation that was, all these years later, with Perch still riding the top of the Billboard charts. Except not. And thank God. So, Operation Perch kicks off with a visit to the childhood friend of one of the band members -- a good-looking guy named Noel, who lives in an artsy studio in Topanga Canyon, sort of a rural and artsy area of Los Angeles. Perch sits around the table and stares at Noel. I'm retracting my assessment of Noel as a hottie, because I've just noticed that he's wearing white slouch socks, like he's Debbie Gibson getting ready to shoot the "Shake Your Love" video. Glenn wonders aloud whether they ought to get a lawyer first, or a manager. Noel looks at the table and bites his lip to keep from bursting into hysterical laughter, and wisely advises Glenn to "worry about the music first." They all explore Noel's pad as Glenn voice-overs that Noel is a performance artist who has dubbed himself the "King of Slide Shows." Okay, that "hottie" assessment? Fully rescinded. Noel is clearly insane. Also, he's wearing sweatpants, and I have a rule about wearing sweatpants in public, much less on television.

So Glenn invites Noel to do a slide show at the beach house. We, the audience, are treated to clips of this slide show, which looks just ghastly. It involves possums? I don't know. "The slide show wasn't about anything! It was dumb!" Jon explains vehemently, and I couldn't have said it better myself. Out of the mouths of babes, you know. Jon goes on to explain that he and Glenn were the only roommates present for the slide show, although there were more than thirty people in the house, and he felt a little uncomfortable about that. On the other hand, he really didn't want any of his roommates to come home to see the crazy shit going down in their living room. As if on cue, Dom stumbles in the door. He peers at the slide show from the safety of the stairs, looking befuddled. Upstairs in the pool room, Dom and Jon sit on the sofa and exchange looks. "What the fuck is this?" Dom asks. Jon sort of grins. "Dom, it's a slide show!" he says. "Is this a form of entertainment?" Dom asks. Jon starts to crack up. "No," he says, "it's a slide show." The noise downstairs gets really loud, so B/M Productions subtitle this last bit. Dom asks about Tami. Jon indicates that she's on her way home. "Hide the knives," Dom advises. Downstairs, all the strangers burst into applause.

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