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The Polish Voice of Cleveland?

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The Polish Voice of Cleveland?

So, Beth is on the phone with an ex-boyfriend who's threatening to kill himself to get her back. The way he explains it, though, his plan is to kill himself. And then she'll come back to him. The ex doesn't seem to grasp the concept of killing oneself; that is, should his plan succeed, he would be dead. And not really viable boyfriend material. Anyway, Beth and the ex -- who, because of his jerky and quasi-abusive tone, and because I was watching 90210 today, I'm going to call Ray Pruit (with one "t", because that's all his mama could afford) -- have this very dramatic conversation, in which Ray Pruit whinily begs Beth give him the benefit of the doubt. Beth doesn't want to talk to Ray Pruit, she says, or see him, or have anything to do with him. She tells the camera that it's hard for her not to "be there as a friend" for Ray Pruit, even though he's nuts and she doesn't ever want to look at or speak to him again. On the phone, Beth tells Ray Pruit that he needs "help" and "to get on with his life." And then maybe she'll talk to him again. Maybe. Ray Pruit moans that Beth is being "totally cold." Beth tells him to piss off, and hangs up. No, she doesn't. She lets him manipulate her some more, so that Jon can overhear her trying to extricate herself from the disastrous conversation and then rescue her with the old "Hey, Roommate, I Have to Use the Phone" trick. Finally, Beth slams down the phone and runs off into the night. Jon finds her and points out that Ray Pruit is never going to leave her alone if she lets him talk her ears off for hours at a time.

Confessional time. Beth whines that she wants to forget about "that part of her life."

Jon tells the camera that Beth is having a hard time, and that Ray Pruit used to be "abusive." Jon tells Beth that she needs to quit talking to Ray Pruit on the phone, and to stop giving him the benefit of the doubt: "He's obviously a total nut case." Beth squeals that she cares what happens to Ray Pruit! Jon listens as Beth explains that Ray Pruit drove a wedge between her and her mother. And she really doesn't want to get back into that. Then she looks thoughtful.

Turns out Beth's mom is coming to town. On one day's notice. If my mother came to town (well, my mother lives in town, so this is all hypothetical, but let's just imagine) on one day's notice, that one day would be a crazy maelstrom of cleaning and tears. And maybe a haircut. Beth tells us that her mother is a semi-famous radio celebrity in Ohio. She's the Polish Voice of Cleveland! Cue a montage of shots of Cleveland. Well, I assume it's Cleveland. Anyway, Beth's mom comes to town, and she and Beth go to Venice and buy sunglasses and look at all the rest of the tourists buying sunglasses. Beth is wearing a fanny pack, high-waisted shorts, and a cropped top. That outfit is so bad, it hurts my feelings.

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