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The One Where Everyone Sings

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The One Where Everyone Sings

So, this episode opens quite abruptly, and I have no idea what's going on, really. Dom is helping Tami and Jon with....oh. The showcase. The infamous "talent" showcase. Did we get any lead-in to this at all? I mean, Beth was trying to organize an acting workshop-type thing at one point, but that was ages ago, and this seems to be an entirely different event. At any rate, it appears that Jon, Tami, and Glenn decided they haven't ruptured nearly enough eardrums in the Los Angeles area yet, and have agreed to put on a talent show. If only they had a barn! Then this would be just like one of those old Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland/"Hey, kids! Let's put on a show!"/MGM musicals. Minus the people who can actually sing and/or dance, and without the short balding guy who somehow convinced Ava Gardner to marry him. Sadly, since the kids are without the services of any studio contract players, Dom has to act as the master of ceremonies. He's also helping with the planning, since he has a lot of contacts in the musical world. Dom, Jon, and Glenn all amble over to Kinko's and talk about color copies and posters and invitations for, like, twenty minutes, because there's nothing the kids today love more than a lengthy discussion of paper stock and laser printing. Finally, they get all their ducks in a row, and leave the Kinko's employees behind to roll their eyes in peace.

Glenn tells the camera that he's looking forward to the show, although he admits that he doesn't have any lyrics for half the songs on his play list. He shrugs and says that the audience will never know the difference. True, because they're all going to be covering their ears.

Jon explains that Dom is currently managing a local Los Angeles band called Stick Kitty, and they plan to perform in the showcase, too. I'm sure that decision -- not to mention Stick Kitty's selection of Dom as manager -- has nothing whatsoever to do with MTV's involvement with this event.

Later, Tami, Jon, Glenn, and Dom sit in the pool room and argue over which spot in the line-up Tami's band will occupy. She insists that they're headlining the show, that they can perform wherever they want to perform, and that they can also change their minds about their time slot as often as they want. She originally wanted her band to perform last, but now she wants to go earlier, she says, because she doesn't "want to sit through the rest of the party, listening to [Glenn's] band." Hee! Glenn takes slight offense to this, but Tami doesn't care. Jon comments that he finds it "ridiculous" that "[he's] the youngest one [there] and [he's] being the most reasonable." Tami just huffs at this, and irritably stomps upstairs.

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