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The New Orleans Melissa Interview, Part II

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The New Orleans Melissa Interview, Part II
The interview with Melissa Howard from Real World: New Orleans continues, with some discussion of how people in Melissa's life were affected by her presence on the show, and lots more juicy behind-the-scenes gossip. Melissa: So, when they put Ryan on the show, that guy that came to see me? That whole thing was tweaked like nobody's business. I met him on the day before I was going to my semifinals. I was flying to L.A. and I was gonna get the show. And so, I was like, "I'm going to L.A. tomorrow." And he's like "Oh, for what?" And I'm like, "Um, well, you know that show Real World?" And he's like "What?" We waited around for three weeks, and I was hanging out with him. He got really into me and I was like, "This can't be, because I'm moving." And he's like, "But how do you know?" Sure enough, I'm hanging out with him in a bookstore, and I get this phone call, and I'm on the show. So I was like, "It was really cool meeting you. You're a really great guy. You're sweet." It was never like a boyfriend and girlfriend, holding hands, making out, French kiss, all this. He comes to the show and I told him -- they edit all this out -- I was on the phone and I'm like, "Ryan, this is a television show. You're going to look like the weepy-eyed, sad ex-boyfriend, and I'm going to look like the bitch. Because it is my birthday, and we're in New Orleans, and I'm being filmed. Never again is this going to happen." Ryan came and I could see the way the cameraman would be focusing on him. Ryan wasn't sad at my birthday party at all. Ryan just has a very stoic face. Put that with music, and then the roommates' commentary, and it's like, "Oh my God, Ryan's heartbroken!" and that was totally not it. I called him up and I was like, "Bitch, I told you not to come!" [laughs] I called him before it [aired], and I was like, "Your episode's airing tonight." We've talked on the phone [since], and he's like, "God, I was a total jackass. I shouldn't have gone." Kim: I do remember they kept focusing on his face, and I just kept thinking, "He doesn't look sad." I mean, he maybe looked a little bored, but he didn't look sad to me. But they would like play sad music, and you'd be like, "Oh, poor Ryan. He's so sad." Melissa: Totally. And that hurt, because he's my friend. And my friend didn't sign the forty-page contract, so don't mess with them. The conversation turns to how the residents of New Orleans reacted to the roommates, and Melissa mentions the boxing match between Julie and Squirrel.

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