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The Melancholy Tale of Fish Boy

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The Melancholy Tale of Fish Boy

The show begins with two shots of the Seattle skyline that actually do not include the Space Needle. See? It's possible! At the fish market, we are introduced via the Hip Squiggly Font of Character Introduction (tm Djb) to Justin, one of David's co-workers. Janet is watching the "fish guys" and laughing. Janet asks David if she can give him "a romantic kiss," and David kisses and hugs her. Ew! I bet his hands smell like fish. I bet his whole body reeks of fish. Every time I see David, I just think about what one of his roommates said in the book about this season: one time, David brought home fish to cook, and then he just left the leftover fish in a pan on the stove for like, days. Do you know how bad that must have smelled? In an interview, David says that the people he works with are "spiritual fish guys" and "a different breed." David also think there is "something different about Justin, too." In an interview, Janet says that "he's cute. He's kind of sexy with his raspy voice." Justin comes out to see Janet, who is standing on the sidewalk smoking. She calls him a "big showoff" and he says, "I am. Just for you." Then there is another Seattle skyline shot without the Space Needle. The Space Needle has forsaken me!

Janet is sitting on the Muppet couch at Pier 70, talking to Irene about how sex is like avocados. It's her analogy, not mine. Janet says that she's had sex, and she hasn't had avocados, so maybe it's not accurate. Irene gets all caught up in the wrong part of the analogy, saying, "You haven't had avocados?" Janet says the reason she's never had avocados is because she knows they are bad for her, and she's afraid that once she has them, she'll crave them. Avocados? The green things right? Like guacamole material? Just trying to understand. David pipes up, "You're talking about cocaine?" Hmm, and those rumors of drug use during this season just seem increasingly realistic. Janet tries to explain what they were talking about. David can't believe they're "talking about fucking vegetables." David is also smoking a long, thing, brown cigarette. I don't know what that was about. Irene says Janet's "in the midst of an analogy that [Irene's] not totally following." You and me both, sister. I mean, I understand what Janet is saying but I don't understand fully why sex is bad for her, or why she doesn't have the self-control to avoid it if it is.

The gang is meeting with Phil, the director of the radio station. He asks about a name for their radio show, and they suggest "Dead Air." Like, ha ha. Not. Then again, it's better than "The Real Seven at Seven on Seventy-Seven." In an interview, Lindsay explains that the show will be called "Dead Air," for those of you who missed it. Phil says the first show is "next Monday at midnight." Wow, good thing they gave them such a prime spot. Then again, can you blame them? Phil explains that "Tony is the executive producer," and as such will be "the go-to guy for a lot of things." Tony looks kind of like Timmy from Road Rules. Phil suggests that they pre-tape their first show. Tony explains that there is "still pressure" in a taped show, because if they mess up, they have to start over from the beginning. What? They can't just restart from like the last commercial? Good thing I'm not in radio. Phil tells them that he's "given [them] the basic parameters" and now they need to "go out and do."

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