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Adios, San Fran

It's morning. "So, we're out of here," Rachel says. Yay! People are packing up. Pam says she knows that she's going to stay friends with some of these people after they leave the house. Judd clogs the sink with his shaving bits. He says they came in one by one, separately, and he thinks it'd be nice if they all walked out together. That's not going to happen, because Rachel's taking her time packing. Judd's going to L.A. to work on his cartooning gig. He says he's been working toward this moment for a long time.

Pedro looks through pictures of himself to give to Rachel. Rachel says she thinks Pedro's going to beat the odds and live a very long life. She thinks he'll move to Miami with Sean. Sean comes to pick up Pedro's things and asks why there's so much stuff. Pedro laughs and says he shipped some of it back to Miami. Sean and Pedro load up the car.

Mohammed's out first. Jo gets scared and calls the police because she just realized there was a black man in the house. Mo says they all came into the house as titles, and eventually they all became people. Then he runs away from that house as fast as he can. Bye, Mohammed.

Rachel says that she now feels more sensitive to gay issues and learned about AIDS and even understands some of Judd's liberal views. Cory tells Pedro that she loves him. Everyone says, "You rock," and the fabulous foursome hug. Pedro and Sean drive away in their Jeep of Love. The camera pans back to the house. "For Sale," it says. Property value? Down. Way down.

Jo and Rachel toss a ball. "Is this Pedro's?" Jo asks. Rachel says it's theirs now. Rachel and Jo pillage the house as Rachel cries to us that she didn't say so many things that she should have said to people. Jo and Rachel have a toast to a long-lasting friendship. The phone rings. It's Puck. He asks who the stragglers are. "Me and Rachel," Jo says. She says they're just waiting for the cab. The cab arrives, and Puck asks to talk to Rachel. Rachel gets on the phone. Puck says, "You made your choice, you kicked me out, and, well, I tried to be your friend, but you didn't want to be my friend." Rachel says that's not true. Puck says that she was just jealous that he was going out with other girls. Rachel says she doesn't have time for this, and that he has a distorted memory. She says goodbye and hangs up the phone. Rachel grabs her nine thousand bags and walks out of the house. Jo's already in the cab. Shots of the empty house in blissful silence. Rachel says she's glad it's over, but that she got used to being in that house. She keeps crying and says she's going to miss everyone. Rachel runs out of the confessional in tears as the credits start.

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