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Adios, San Fran

We start with shots of San Francisco as Judd tells us, "I'm leaving San Francisco in less than a week." Pan up from the Good Riddance, Judd parade marching down Mission as Judd tells us he won't know how much this all meant to him until he's back home and thinking about his old roommates. Isn't he a peach?

Because they're in their final days of the apartment, everyone thinks about the fact that Cory hasn't actually been able to do anything she's wanted to do all this time. They pick her up from her normal position (on the ground in front of the door) and find out that's she's wanted to go to Monterey and Carmel ever since she moved into the house. Cory warbles that she's wanted everyone to go to the tide pools since the very beginning. You know, if it's no problem for anyone. "Sea anemones are really fun," she tells Pedro. Pedro, Pam, and Judd say they'll go. Cory says that now she has to convince Mo, Jo, and Rachel.

Jo and Rachel are having their own fun, at a table eating breakfast. Jo says she'd rather "do something more exciting than look at rip pools or whatever." Cory is now face-down on the counter, because she doesn't want to stand up for herself in even the slightest, and offers a giant list of things they can do as long as Jo and Rachel agree to do one of them. Rachel starts making a list of pros and cons for the trip. She only has cons, by the way. "Cold. Early to get up." They obviously don't want to do Cory's trip. There are five tick marks for negative and one and a half marks in the positive column. Rachel marks another negative because Jo won't be there. Cory says that everyone else will be there, so it should be a positive. Rachel says those points cancel each other out as Cory cuddles up to the salt and pepper shakers. Rachel gives herself another point somewhere because there will be lunch, and she likes lunch. Bitch. Cory should just tell them to fuck off. Cory says she understands why Rachel and Jo are so exclusive.

Cut to fun at the Wharf. Judd says that some of them are better friends than others. Cory, Pedro, Pam, and Judd go and have fun without all of the other losers in the house.

Jo and Rachel are rollerblading. Jo says that she would have been close with Rachel even if she had been there from the beginning. She thinks that she's going to be close friends with Rachel for a long time. Someone needs to buy Rachel another dress besides that brown peasant thing she wears over spandex shorts every single episode. Rachel tells us that Jo is "exactly what [she] needed" since she got to San Francisco: "She's spontaneous, she's up for everything. She and I have exactly the same interests."

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