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The High Life

Saaaaail-ing! Takes me away...Sorry, I was having a Christopher Cross moment. Remember when N*Sync did a cover of that song on some awards show and they were all on harnesses flying through the air? That was pretty funny. Anyway, the roommates are at work. Robin interviews that she thinks Randy is "a big goof," and that she doesn't know why she had a crush on him, and then she perfectly Valley-Girls, "Whatever!" Brad asks Randy about a flyer he got for a party that night. Robin interviews that she must have seen something with Randy that wasn't there. Brad tells Robin that they're going to a beach party that night. Robin asks what kinds of people will be there, and Brad says that they'll have to check it out.

On the beach, a bunch of people are standing around a bonfire. This is so 90210. The roommates (carrying their own beverages) approach the group, and are greeted with whoops and hollers. Or maybe the cameras are greeted with whoops and hollers. Judging by the number of blurred-out faces, I don't know how welcome the cameras were. If you were underaged and drinking at a beach party, would you want to be on camera? Then again, I don't understand why girls want to flash their boobs at cameras, and yet Girls Gone Wild seems to do well. Randy interviews that it's a nice change of pace to be on the beach and listen to the ocean. Yeah, that looks like a crowd of nature-lovers if I've ever seen one. Robin interviews that when she goes out now, she's not looking to meet anyone or date anyone. Robin immediately starts introducing herself to every guy in the crowd. Hee! I love ironic juxtaposition.

At 2:30 AM, the roommates gather near a cab. Jamie seems particularly drunk. They can't find Robin, and the beach looks empty. Cameran interviews that they all agreed to meet at the cab at 2:30 AM. Randy and Cameran discuss where Robin might be, and the consensus seems to be, "I don't know." It's 2:50 AM. Brad is pissed. Robin is walking down the beach, and some guy has his arm around her. Couldn't the roommates just look for the bright camera lights? Randy complains that he spent twenty minutes roaming the beach looking for Robin. Randy screams out Robin's name, and she says that she's walking to the cab right now. The roommates hear Robin's voice and start looking around for her. Robin says goodnight to her new buddy, Mike, with a kiss and a hug. Robin interviews that Mike is a Marine. Robin hops into the cab. Brad yells at her for making them wait, and Robin promises to pay extra. She could also apologize for disappearing, and for being late, but I'm sure she has good excuses for both of those things. Robin reminds us via interview that she had a bad experience with a Marine. Randy yells that Robin has to let people know where she's going. Robin interviews that Randy might be going off on her because he's upset that she was with another guy, but that she thinks she gave him every opportunity to start something with her. Randy keeps yelling at Robin for going off with a strange man. He has a point. Robin is an adult, and can do what she wants, but it's not a bad idea to tell someone before you walk off with a guy you don't know. Especially when you're drunk. Robin sobs and yells something about "seven strangers," and the guys tell her to chill out.

The next day, Frankie (who didn't go to the beach party) tells Jamie that she saw Ryan (the guy Cameran met in last week's episode) at a club. Ryan asked about Cameran, and Frankie told him about the beach party. Ryan said that beach parties are lame, and Frankie acts like she's so world-weary that she knew that already. Cameran overhears this whole conversation and asks what Ryan said. Frankie says that Ryan had on "this black Versace shirt, kind of see-throughish, and these black leather pants." Ew! Sounds like a total cheeseball. Frankie interviews that Cameran hasn't "been around the kind of lifestyle" that Ryan has, which involves money. I'm still trying to figure out what "lifestyle" is a code word for. Cameran interviews that usually guys are intimidated by her, and that Ryan is the only guy who's approached her so far.

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