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The Grossest Episode Ever

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The Grossest Episode Ever

Sarah and Michelle leave, and Mike at least has the manners to walk them out. In an interview, Mike says that it's possible to have sex with your friends as long as you both communicate about it. Well, that's true, at least. Mike and Sarah kiss goodbye.

Lori asks Mike how far he got with Sarah, and then giggles like she's just kidding, but she's totally not. In an interview, Mike says that when they all moved into the apartment, "everyone predicted [Mike] would be the first person to get some ass." Wow. Not only are people from Ohio fun, but they have class to spare. (Just kidding, people from Ohio. I know most of you would like to disown Mike at this point.) Mike gloats about his escapades, and Lori can't believe that he had sex. Kevin confirms it. Mike pretends to flex his muscles, which is incredibly respectful of Sarah, although I have to wonder how much respect she has for herself to respond, basically, to a long-distance booty call on national television. Kevin is proud of Mike for getting some, and so is Lori.

Rachel and Mike are walking on the street. Some Latin music plays -- to suggest Mike's hot-blooded nature, I guess. Mike is still gloating about having sex, and encourages Rachel to try it sometime.

Lori tells Quarrel and Nicole about Mike having sex with Kevin and Malik in the room. Nicole says, "What do you mean, sex?" Hee! Lori claims that Kevin and Malik were asleep, even though we know that at least Kevin wasn't.

Mike asks Rachel to call him when she has sex for the first time. Not after, but during. Suddenly, he's Kevin from The Real World New York, all concerned about his roommate's virginity for no apparent reason.

Quarrel says that she would have said something if she had been in the room while Mike was having sex. Nicole can't believe that Mike broke in the house. Quarrel says, "If I think about it again, I might never have sex again my whole entire life!" Quarrel can be funny when she's not being mean.

Mike imitates what Rachel will sound like when she has sex for the first time. That's all I have to say about that.

Next week: the bosses are disappointed in the roommates' work. Quarrel doesn't want to get fired. Lori says that they explored the office building and found the recording studio, and that the recording engineer was looking for a vocalist. Hey, whatever happened to her band? I don't know.

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