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The Great Outdoors

Brad walks around the house in slow motion, with a plastic fork in his mouth. What? I don't know. While Brad consumes his dinner, we see flashbacks of Brad hooking up with Jackie. Is he eating some sort of Proustian madeleine to cause these memories? Brad interviews that he regrets hooking up with Jackie, and that he doesn't know how to tell Andrea what happened. Randy gives Brad advice on the situation as follows: Don't tell Andrea. Yes, we've seen that Randy operates by the "ignore it and it will go away" school of thought. Randy pulls out the old chestnut about how Brad just wants to tell Andrea to relieve his guilt, but that it won't help anything. I think that only works if you didn't commit your guilt-inducing act on national television, dude. Brad says that Andrea writes him poetry and says that she wants to marry him. Brad interviews that he knows he loves Andrea, but that he needs to see what else is out there so that he can be sure their relationship is right. I have to tell you that I think that theory is horseshit. When you know, you know. Frankly, I've been with the same guy for over ten years, and I didn't date a ton of guys before we got together, and I don't ever wonder if I'm supposed to be with someone else. And I mostly get that idea from watching shows like this one, and seeing what it's like out there. This show makes me glad I'm married. And not nineteen anymore. And not on national television. Anyway, Randy thinks Brad needs to "sort [his] wild oats." Randy doesn't want Brad to be like Ben Affleck and fuck a stripper two days before he's supposed to get married. Who knew Randy reads Us Weekly?

Randy and Robin discuss going camping as they work on the boat. Randy interviews that he feels like if he instigates a camping trip, everyone else will get on board and want to join him. Cameran interviews that she's not that excited about sleeping outside. I have to say that the few times that I have been camping, that is my least favorite part. Well, that and the bathroom facilities, if they exist. I like sitting around the fire, eating hot dogs, drinking beer, and shooting the shit. But frankly, I can do those things in my own back yard, so fuck camping. Brad interviews that he is more and more attracted to Cameran, although I don't know why that interview segment was stuck in the middle of the "let's go camping" scene. Robin is really excited to go camping, because she's never been. That explains why she's so excited. Robin asks Randy if they can bring toilet paper, and Randy starts talking about getting poison ivy if you wipe with the wrong leaf and thank God that scene ends because yuck.

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