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The Good and Bad Sides of My Brain

Instead of "Previously On The Real World," this week's episode starts with "Tonight on The Real World." Except that most of the scenes that they showed were never actually shown in tonight's episode. First, Tetanus Girl shares a locket that has a picture of her dad in it, and says she is attracted to people he would have found attractive. I'm not sure if this means that he liked girls and she does too (see last episode), or that he liked boys and she does too. What she means is never made clear. Then Annoying repeats her line from last episode about what attracts her to Colin. Colin also repeats his line from last episode about how they cuddle, and that's it. So tonight's episode is obviously about Tet Girl's issues with her father, and about the relationship developing between Colin and Annoying. On with the show.

Colin, Teck, Annoying and Tet Girl are sitting around. Colin asks Teck if he thinks it's a big deal to have sex with a lot of people. Teck's reply is, "I got to shake hands, I got to have sex," which I don't understand. Does he mean that, just as he has a compulsion to shake people's hands, he also has a compulsion to have sex? Or does he mean that if he shakes someone's hand, he has to have sex with that person? Neither seems quite right, but I guess I'm trying too hard. In a confessional, Colin says that he doesn't like Teck's promiscuity is, and frankly, neither do I. I don't have any moral qualms about it -- I just think Teck is nasty. Back in the group shot, Annoying asks Colin when he lost his virginity. Colin says, "A year and..." then realizes that it sounds nerdy to know the exact date, so he rounds up to "two years." Amaya says, "See, I've got 6 years on you." So does that mean that she lost her virginity 8 years ago? She's 21, according to the first episode, so that would put her at 13. Yikes! That just seems really young to me, especially since she's supposed to be the naive one. Maybe she means that it was 6 years ago, which would put her at 15 -- still young, but a bit more likely. Regardless, she obviously just asked that question so that she could reveal that bit of information. She didn't care what Colin's answer was. In a voice-over, Annoying says that Colin's cute, but he's only 19 and she's used to a more mature relationship -- in other words, she's used to a sexual relationship. Then, apropos of nothing, Annoying says, "Because I've had sex, but making love is beautiful. It's just...beautiful." Colin looks none too impressed with this statement and he kind of rolls his eyes like, "Whatever." For once, Tet Girl doesn't speak.

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